Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wasn't fun


But it does illustrate why I'm still married:

Monday morning we have a delivery. Have to get it.

So, I took some OTC pain reliever for my nasty headache and we headed off to work. The headache progressed.

Soon I had a full blown migraine. Happily, I didn't need to do much so I did the minimum and waited to go.

However, we had to go to the bank and deposit quarters. Migraine progressing. We took paratransit (if you don't know, we are both non-driving) to the bank.

We made the deposit. Yay. I almost yakked all over the floor of the bank, but he gave me some chewable peptos he holds for me. That helped a little.

My head was killing me. He gave me the sunglasses he keeps for me. That helped. I put them on over my glasses.

He sat down in the seating area, armless, backless, cubes. I laid down and put my head in his lap (get your mind out of the gutter!). He called paratransit. They would not be coming for an hour.

That's not acceptable, he said. "My wife is sick. I need to get home".

Now, if you cancel your trip too late you can get a bad mark on your record. 5 in a month, they can suspend you.

He called yellow cab. Not only would he pay full fare, he'd throw in an extra $10 tip, for whoever came. We had a ride by the time I walked him up to the front of the bank.

The driver was one of my favorites.

Within 10 minutes I was vomiting in the privacy of my own home, surrounded by curious cats, 15 minutes, flat in bed with an ice pack. 

And he gave me today off, too.

[I have an unfortunate genetic predeliction to migraines. Not only that, my crazy pills increase them.]

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