Friday, June 12, 2015

"I am praying for you"

What a terrible day. 

First: yesterday off.  The dog next door has been barking a lot every night, which exhausts me.  Ron wanted to go to Carl's Junior so we did that.  I came home, took my meds, took a nap.  I ate enough fries. 

See, if I eat chicken, and take lithium, I get horribly ill.  I have to eat enough "other" food, fat and protein, to cushion the "blow" or I will be prostrate. 

I had been craving a grilled BBQ chicken sandwich from Carl's.  They are excellent.  I dripped sauce all over myself but so what.  It was good, and they have an excellent whole grain bun.  And I ate plenty of fries.  I took a short nap. 

When I got up, I watched some TV and computer in the front rooms, and went back to my bedroom to do some organizing.  I heard horrific screams, sounded like kids burned alive.  Turns out #6 got a wading pool. 

I was OK with it, really, but one of the little girls was emitting earsplitting screams at the top of her lungs, every few minutes.  It made me a little twitchy.  You see, they apparently didn't have enough kids already.  6 was not enough.  No, they trucked in two more cars of kids and they went on for hours.  [wry face]

At least they didn't get overheated.  I did wonder about that. 

I turned on the radio to KSBJ.  They are contemporary Christian pop.  It helped balance the noise and helped me focus on my organizing. 

I went up front (quieter) and found Lord of the Rings on TV.  I like it.  I watched for a while. 

I decided it would be foolish to stay up past my bedtime waiting for the kids to finish up, then get up 2 hours early to take my shower and do my God Time.  I took a shower. 

I also finished the laundry and some other housekeeping stuff.

It worked out very well, that way I could get up about an hour before, do my God Time, plenty of all around time and later sleeping.  I will definitely do it again. 

We went to the warehouse. Truck day.  We utilized our new guy.  I like him a lot, he's a simple country boy, retired, very kind, no dramas or head games.  What you see is what you get, praise God. 

I got about 40 cases of stuff, opting to wait on most of the snacks (which, as it turns out, was a wise idea). 

I got to work, got the carts, dragged everything out and loaded it up.  Ron likes to maneuver his walker up the stairs (4 of them), rather than go up the up-to-perfect-ADA-guidelines wheelchair ramp.  I find it funny, but some people think I'm a total bitch for "making" him go up the stairs. 

If someone is glaring at me like that, I smile and say "I look like a really bad person, but why don't you ask Ron?  Ron, do you want to ____?" Ron always agrees, emphatically.   Sometimes he pretends to whimper, "abused", when it's just us. 

I got everything into our area and got to work stocking.  I opened Snack 2.  And I couldn't shut it.  I realized, to my horror, it had totally separated at the top hings.  Not only that, I could see tool marks where someone had tried to pry the door off the frame.  Did a pretty good job, too.  I think they got interrupted. 

Snack 2 is my baby.  I was distraught and pretty angry.  Ron suggested, wisely, I walk over and report it to the Postal Inspectors. 

I did.  The front desk lady took one look at my face and flipped the hot potato over to OIG - Office of Inspector General.  "Since we know a Postal Worker did it". 

Thanks for reminding me.  I thought. 

I stormed over to OIG (the facility is huge, and the walking helped calm me down).  "Vandalized, hanging off a hinge" got their attention and they came, inspected the machine, listened to me, took photos, basically did the stuff you want done after you've been the victim of a crime.  OIG rocks.  I think I'm going to bring them a treat. 

He even managed to get the door shut, again, somehow.  Our repairman will come out on Monday to address the issue (since the machine was shut we didn't see an urgent need for him to come on his lunch break, as he volunteered). 

Did they get anything?  A bag of Cheez-its fell out of the coil when they were abusing the machine, and they took them.  They did separate the door at the top hinge, but it's still closed and seems safe enough. 

Did they do damage?  They knocked off the front left leg.  They definitely damaged the top hinge, which may or may not be fixable.  If it can't be fixed we are [censored].  We will likely have to wait quite a while on a new machine. 

I am praying it can be fixed.  If anyone can do it, our guy is THE MAN.  He will do everything possible. 

We turned off the machine and put up a note.  I let them know why I had to shut it down, and wrote "To the bad guy, I'm praying for you". 

With the gossip mill at work it will get back to him.  God tells me to do this; and He equips me to do it. 

You can bet I stocked the heck out of the other vending machines.  Someone stole a bag of Cheez-it's out of another vending machine while I was stocking.  I am about done with Cheez-its, let me tell you.  They're like, the felonious snack. 

I stocked, helped Ron, who was completely overwhelmed.  It's pretty funny to see him sitting next to the bottled vendor (thank God they didn't go after that one), with a huge handcart loaded with 10 cases of cold drinks.  I get them, I replace them.  Glad I had my back brace. 

Basically a huge part of my job is making life easy for Ron, AND doing snacks and food machines.  I got it all done (except pastry and I was not feeling the love).  We came home. 

I wanted to eat something Really Bad nutritionally.  I opted for honey flavored greek yogurt and a couple ounces of sliced pepperoni (I should have taken a salt tablet before Truck Day).  I then took my pills and tried a nap. 

I slept a little but not great.  I did, however, have fantastic cuddles from Torbie.  She is so loving. 

I got up, helped Ron with some stuff, went everywhere online screaming about my poor brutalized snack machine.  Including here. 

What a day. 

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