Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Is it working?

We went to Walmart this morning after a dull and uneventful night. 

I found they were sold out of:
small $1 candles.
Vienna sausage
dry blackeyed peas
emergency ration bars

Surprisingly, they had a well stocked battery display.  They must keep extra stock on hand. 

The store was pretty empty, we had some rain bands come in.  That's an interesting feature of tropical events, the rain comes in ripples, driven by the wind. 

"You know" my driver told me "{meteorologists crying wolf} Are the reason no one left before Katrina!"  I could tell she was from New Orleans. 

I guess I can see her point.  You put your life on hold for days, and nothing.  Except now you're out: time, stress, and money. 

I am very happy we didn't have any serious damage.  VERY happy. 

I didn't buy hurricane related items, but I did get a few items I thought would be useful.  I really like my 5-led cheapo dollar store flashlight, so I was very happy to find a 9 led for the same price. 

I don't know why I always point the flashlight at my face before turning it on, though.  Not so brilliant, yet I do it everytime.  "Is it working?"  [grin] 

Actually, pretty horribly depressed today. 

I got tea, food, soda, jerky, some batteries (I can always use more, and Ron was out), some sunglasses for me, etc. 

I wear the kind that go over the bifocal.  It's a real fashion statement, especially as I could only find one case: covered in loud purple roses.  It's a little much even for me but it will live in Ron's backpack. 

I also bought dish detergent and some rose-scented candles.  I burned one yesterday and I found it very pleasant.  I find the scent of roses calming.  Of course the Yankee Candle Red Rose are the best (there's a hint if you ever want to get me a present!). 

We came home and I gave Ron his jerky, hiding mine in a 5 gallon bucket.  Gravy is a little thug and will chew his way through packaging, especially on something like jerky.  If he ate a hole in the brown sugar....

I made sure Ron put his on lockdown and I tried to take a nap. 

It didn't work very well.  Ron went to the liquor store and bought various products.  I am sad that he feels he needs it, and part of me (not a large one) fears another horrible blackout. 

After talking to some people online and observing neighbors with locked gates, I've decided to secure mine. 

That worked fine, after I put up the garbage can (let's hear it for the waste disposal experts!). 

Then I tried to lock the burglar bars on my back door, and the key got stuck.  I had to wake up a fairly drunken Ron.  He fixed it, but he was Not Happy. 

He apologized on his own, later.  I can really see the Holy Spirit working in him sometimes. 

Then I went on the hunt for field peas.  They are available for purchase, dry.  Apparently from only two places on the internet.  I looked at Walmart, I looked online.  I found all kinds of interesting grains and peas... but no field peas. 

I love the flavor.  They are a little firm but not overly so, a nice meaty texture.  I know most of the flavor comes from the MSG used in the canning process, but I still like them. 

I'll have to think about it for a few days, is it worth it to me? 

I did buy some needed vitamins.  I got some probiotics on sale, too.  I eat yogurt but they can't hurt.  I also bought myself a nice looking bar of soap and some fruit drops. 

It is nice not to live on rations, if you know what I mean.  Am I going buggo?  No, but I am buying a $3 bar of soap every month or so. 

So, tomorrow we go to work.  Probably a big stock.  Maybe not.  Maybe everyone else stayed home. 

We'll see. 

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