Thursday, June 4, 2015


Oh, so queasy. 

First, my day.  I had horrible, apocalyptic, nightmares, even with Torbie at my side.  [shudder]  Horrible, but she did help. 

I got up, exhausted, and took my shower, prepared for work.  Our ride came in a timely manner. 

I gave the driver a Bible.  He was, I believe, a muslim. 

He took it, in part, because I listen to God.  I don't talk down to anyone, we're all equals, this is really interesting and I'd like to share it.  He kept talking about the "nice" Bible - made me glad I did the Go Fund Me thing and got some nice ones. 

Don't get me wrong, I'll hand out just about anything, but a fake leather will beat a cheap paperback anyday. 

We got to work and the vending machines were completely decimated.  I stocked literally every bit of inventory I had.  Once I finished, I helped Ron with his tasks and worked on the food machine.  It was pretty frantic.

It also means we had to reschedule Truck Day for tomorrow.  Truck day is always a lot of work.

Happily I have my "performance tshirts" and my back brace.  I'm going to need them. Since it's so hot, I'm cleaning out the ice chest.  I plan to take that and use that for the candy bars.  They will melt in this heat.

And who wants a melted candy?

So, alarming but good, business is brisk.  We just need to stay on top of the sales.  Things looked a lot better when we left.

I'd woken up with a ghastly headache, taken something, and been queasy most of the day.  When we got home I laid down for a little while.

Torbie did her reiki liver massage - walking all over the painful parts while purring loudly, then laying down next to my head.  What a sweet baby.  Exactly what I wanted.  Except for the liver massage. 

I'm so glad I asked God to direct me, picking her out, and that I listened.

I felt a little better when I got up.  We went out for fried seafood.

BAD idea.  I barely took my pills.  I laid down, again, and managed to digest the medication.  God knows I have to take it.

If I were this queasy and not mentally ill, I'd just skip eating, a lot of days, but my medication has to be taken with food.

I've been thinking how to revamp my diet so I can do that, without overdoing the calories, and getting decent protein.  I used to make Ron whey shakes in milk.  I'd add the powder to milk.  They are good and have a lot of protein (pretty much an entire day's requirement).  I know that works for taking medication.  I just need to get some milk, and some instant milk, because some time I'll run out and I want to do it anyway.

I'll figure something out.  I found out the other night oatmeal works - can I put whey into oatmeal?    Looks like I can.

I want to get my nutrition, take my pills... and be kind to my stomach.  Poor abused thing.  Still queasy.

So, the extreme nausea killed most plans, except for the cleanout of the old ice chest (I had some drinks in there, and cold packs, sitting out in the garage).  I did that, and I'm happy.  I just need to rinse it, and leave it open to dry, probably leaving it by the front door - because I'm "speshul" and I'll forget otherwise.

Tomorrow's going to be a very long day.  But I'll do it, with God's help.

I just pray I don't have any nightmares tonight.

I almost wish I would vomit just so I could get it over with.  Ugh.  

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