Saturday, June 20, 2015


While I'd love to believe I'm a deep, spiritual, compassionate soul, I can be very petty at times. 

Example, my debit card. 

The Bible says not to brag about your good deeds, or you will lose your reward.  So I will be a little evasive. 

I have 3 charity debits every month.  I budget for them as a matter of course.  It's just part of the routine, get paid, minus X for debits, prescriptions, Doc, etc.  Maybe I want to put $20 to spend online.  I go to the bank and make my deposit.  The debits come out on their appointed days. 

It's pretty painless. 

However, my card got hacked.  I had to turn it off.  I am getting some very diplomatic, to plaintive, emails from my charities.  "Your card didn't process".  Damn right it didn't, I didn't want to get defrauded, but that means I need to make it right with the charities. 

Which brings up a point: Right now, the money is "mine".  I can spend it "however I want" because "no one's filing that monthly debit anymore". 

It is a bit painful, I admit, to think about contacting everyone and setting it all up again, "losing" the money, and budgeting for it every month again. 

I'd be a liar if I said otherwise, and I don't lie.  Not to myself, not to you. 

I whined to myself for a few days, recommitted to my commitments, and contacted 2 of the charities online.  They will get their money.  I have to call the third one. 

I've been whining to myself about that, but I'll do it Monday.  They are very worthy causes.  I want to be on their teams. 

It's just harder than I'd like to actually type in that card number. 

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