Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today: rather traumatic

I did something really, incredibly, stupid. 

Then I "told". 

As you may have figured out, I like to tweak my disaster kit.  I have had disaster too often in my life; I expect it.  I aim to be ready when it comes. 

For instance, when I spoke to the manager of the pet store, after hurricane Ike, he said he was shocked how many people were beating down his door because they had run out of pet food. 

So, I have an extra couple bags. 

While reading an internet forum thread about Mexican Pharmacies, I thought "Wouldn't it be great if I could get some antibiotics online". 

I envisioned a nice little stash of antibiotics, something for bladder infections and Ron's ever present leg ulcers.  I placed my order, giving my debit card number, expiration, and even the magic number on the back (874). 

It had a big USPS logo, assuring fast shipping and package tracking.  Well, I thought, it must be OK if USPS is on board.  Right? 

Oh, the stupid.  It burns. 

I got an email today "Regarding your order".  Uh oh.  The server is down (how did you send me an email?).  However, they would cut me a special deal!  If, IF... I sent them a wire transfer, to a person and place totally different from that listed on the website. 

[bad word]  They just raped my debit card.  I checked my balance (I get a daily summary).  Nothing yet. 

It took me about 2 minutes to pull out my card for the bank.  I called and told them I needed them to kill my debit card.  That's how I can share my former security code - it won't get you anything now. 

After I did that, and ordered my new card, I decided to file a complaint with the Postal Inspectors (since the website is using the USPS logo, and promising to ship USPS).  It's up to them now. 

I know they can prosecute because they are asking for money and promising to ship USPS. 

If they choose, if nothing else they can probably get the web site taken down. 

Other than that, I had a pretty standard night.  Torbie slept with me, the dog next door went crazy barking in the middle of the night.  I got up, about 5 times, to pee.  The lithium is a really strong diuretic. 

I woke up pretty tired and did my God Time before I got online. 

I did take my shower and wore one of my new performance t-shirts.  Today's is a slate blue. 

I had a protein shake.  It kept me full for a long time.  I don't really care about that; but I didn't get queasy after my meds.  That's what matters to me.

I'm discovering I can only have about one diet soda in the morning, or I get queasy.  That's an interesting way to get me to cut back.

We went to the warehouse.  I got some soy protein powder for me (tons of servings and 42 cents a serving).  I take soy isoflavones anyway and they help, so the protein should be a good thing if they made it palatable. 

I like the protein powders because it's easy and giving my body protein, which it really needs.  I would say protein is the #1 thing my body lacks.

Even better, I don't get sick when I take one with my medication!

I was very happy with my score.  Not so happy with the extra hour spent waiting on our ride.  Then, on the way to work, we picked up that guy.  

EVERY driver complains about them, and the cab drivers literally drench their vehicles in air freshener after transporting them.  Why?

 He looked OK, coming out of his house in his clean white polo and khakis.  However, he always rides with a diaper full of feces.

The stench was horrific.  If I could, I would have some questions for his mother/provider.  "Why are you putting clean clothes over a filthy diaper?"  "Do you ever think about what it must be like for the other passengers, and the driver, to transport him like that?"  "Have you ever thought about a group home?" 

He has a brother, same issues, but they both have extreme behavior issues so they have been "split up".

So, we're riding.  I notice the guy is looking at my inventory, which is a problem.  I don't care how limited you are, you are not eating my merchandise.

He leans forward and I realize he is defecating, again, in his already full, nasty, diaper.  The stench was so thick I could taste it.

Have you ever tasted the scent of someone else's feces?  I don't blame the drivers for that air freshener, at all.

I just tried not to breathe.  Praise God we finally made it to work.

Rather than wait to go through the gate, I asked the driver to pull off into visitor parking.  One of the police officers makes it a point to look out for us, and he came over.  He got a whiff, and I said the other passenger had behavior issues.  He understood.

I unloaded my stuff as fast as possible, leaving Ron to the driver.  She left.

I left Ron in the sun, sitting on his walker, next to $106 worth of merchandise.   I got my handcart, brought it out, and managed to wrangle both Ron and the merchandise into the building, simultaneously.  

Then, time to stock, which we did.  The bottled vendor needed 9 cases of drinks.  Snacks have slowed down a little but candy is pretty lively.  

Ron worries we won't have enough time, so I tell him "Make it a longer day".  No.  But we were OK anyway.  

We left and had a great ride home, no drama, no odors, just a very nice Nigerian man who just adored Gravy (cat).  He petted him and baby-talked him.  

If men knew how good they looked fussing over a cat, they all would!  

Married!  But not dead!  

I ate and took a nap.  Torbie jumped on me, gave me the liver massage, and slept by my head.  I always sleep so well with her.  

I got up, did my God Time, had all my banking drama, and drank buckets of decaf diet iced tea.  

I'm sure glad we have tomorrow off. 

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