Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Whew, I am tired.  Yesterday was a very long day. 

Happily, I had a good sleep with Mewtiful, aka Torbie (the fat brown/orange tabby in my slideshow).  She has been sleeping a lot, next to my head.  My favorite thing ever. 

However, it's been my experience that cats start doing that with me, right before they die (a couple years).  Well, I know she's old. 

I am certain Biscuit would step up and become "My" cat.  He already slept on my feet during my God Time today.  He was actually the first one out of the woods the day we met, and sat, perched on my shoulder, like some kind of ornament for a good 15 minutes.  He never did that again. 

Anyway, I believe in enjoying every moment. 

Biscuit continues to do well on his wet food diet.  He likes the cheap, meat-byproduct, cat food.  He won't really eat the nicer stuff. 

Baby Girl is sweet in her own distant way.  But I remind myself she will always sleep with me when I'm severely depressed.  We also have a little routine when I walk past the back of her couch.  She yawns and extends her paw for me to hold (very gently).  I let her press her warm little pads into my hand and talk to her. 

Gravy is fat and happy, more Daddy's boy.  They are lying in bed together. 

I need to put up some more photos of the boys. 

However, according to my cell phone, my home's interior lighting is dismal.  Well, he's blind.  I don't really think about it. 

We had to go to the bank. 

Let me educate you: Social Security checks are deposited on the 3rd of the month, here in America.  Right now, cash registers are ringing across the nation, and every senior and disabled person wants to go to the bank, if they haven't already. 

That's right - the transit system was totally overloaded today, and we ended up waiting an extra hour to go home. 

"It's our fault" I told Ron "It's the 3rd.  We should know to stay home.  We are staying home, on the 3rd, of every month, unless we have to work, only."  Ron agreed.

Ron ran the numbers and the business did pretty good for May.  I encouraged Ron to call his boss, who was delighted to hear it.  Why should he only get "bad news"?  Ron agreed.

If I have something nice to say, or good news that will brighten someone's day, I'm going to share it.  That's how I work.

That's also why I hand out Bibles.  I know they are lifechanging.

Pick one up (pretty much any version), ask God to teach you... BAM.

That said, my legs are pretty sore today.  Those cases of Bibles are heavy: about 40-50 pounds each.  One reason I don't "let" the drivers wrangle them.  I feel as if I did some powerlifting.  Some would say I did some Power lifting.  :p

I'm only sharing that here, the last thing I want is some kind of holy martyr theme.  Ick.

I was careful to take a salt tablet yesterday, and drink hydration stuff, before I went out.  I'm glad I did, I didn't have any problems.

But according to my [prescription bottle] labels, I could.

Anyway, when we got home from the bank I took a nap, a good one.  I didn't get one yesterday and didn't get optimal sleep last night, either.  Torbie was Mewtiful as she slept with me.  Oh, that makes me so happy.

I had a list of things planned when I got up, but I was pretty exhausted.  I just kept it to basics (clean the litter boxes, put the garbage cans away, etc.).

God willing I will sleep well tonight.  

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