Saturday, June 13, 2015

Had a dumb

Not really a day off. 

I had a hard time falling asleep.  I kept getting up to pee (medication). 

I doubt I retain a cc of water. 

Got up, went to the bank.  We came home.  Ron wanted to go to the mall because he killed his cell phone.  Our ride was almost an hour late.  Which meant Ron had to rearrange his pickup from the mall. 

Ron got a basic prepaid flip.  No one told us it talked, but I figured it out.  I also had to reprogram his whole phone book.  His old phone was so old they had to change the SIM card. 

I think, in the long run, he's going to love the thing.  It yells the name of everyone who calls when they call.  "Call from HEATHER!"  He likes that. 

Of course they have to be in the phone book, but I already put in about 30 numbers. 

Our ride was late, picking us up. 

We finally got home.  I took a nap.  Ron charged his phone (poor things always get so run down waiting to be purchased!). 

I begged God for some sleep, and I got it.

I haven't gotten my new debit card, so no point in going to the store just yet.

I got up and "did battle" with the new phone for a while, pretty much getting it the way Ron wanted.  The thing is his lifeline so I want to make sure he's happy.

I waited on my medication - if I tried to do the phone after, I would have "had a dumb".

After I "publish" I will go eat food, and 2 handfuls of medication.

Oh, and I had a horrible headache for most of the day.

Happily it didn't really rain.

The cats are good, I don't have to change the litter box, and the headache is gone.  Off to eat some fairly old leftover pizza and a protein shake.  

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