Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I can't sell excuses

Oh, I'm tired. 

Knowing I'm depressed, I took my shower last night.  Properly medicated, I tend to have more energy and motivation in the evening. 

I find that frustrating, sometimes.  "My mood finally improved and now I have to go to bed".  However, if I take my mood stabilizers earlier in the day, I develop the IQ of a gnat.  That's a problem when I have to run a business! 

So, I took the shower, let my hair dry, and went to bed.  I slept in an hour later, causing Ron to panic.  He actually woke me up so I could take my shower, even though I told him last night. 

Or maybe I just smelled that bad. 

We went to the warehouse.  Our goal: 3 cases bottled Coke.  They did not have any.  Again.  They didn't have Sprite, either. 

Everyone was very apologetic but I can't sell excuses!  We went to work and stocked. 

Ron called the other warehouse.  They had the product.  He called Truck Guy #1, who picked us up. 

Oh, boy.  It just turned into Truck Day. 

I'd made an inventory for Ron, who assembled a list of 30-some bottled drinks.  I got that, and some snacks.  I was very impressed with the second warehouse.  No excuses, just good customer service and well-stocked shelves. 

I even found 20 pound bags of rice on clearance for $1.91.  I bought 2.  I wanted 5, settled for 2.  I will be repackaging it for longer term storage. 

I loaded the truck, unloaded, loaded the carts, got it all in the building.  Stocked everything.  Restocked the fridge with bottled drinks.  Checked and filled the change banks.  Made enough change to pay myself for a week! 

Finally, done.  Exhausted, we went outside to await our ride. We had a good ride home, late, around 4. 

When we got home I ate some leftover pizza, washing it down with a protein shake.  (Soy/whey)  I also took a spoonful of coconut oil.  It's supposed to be good for immunity and days like today are exhausting. 

Ron got a book from the state, I got something I ordered online (cost $5).  The cats are looking good and didn't seem to miss us. 

I do see a potential problem with Gravy, he kept trying to eat some rubber bands. 

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