Saturday, June 27, 2015

On a totally different note (about my cycle if you are squeamish or have sex issues with such)

I recently bought a menstrual cup.  A couple of them, if you'll pardon a very bad pun. 

Why?  A couple reasons. 

Of late, my cycle has been very predictable, yet highly erratic.  The timing is perfect, literally every 28 days, with rare, day or two later, exceptions. 

How-ev-er.... the cycle itself was horrific.  I had what seemed like buckets of blood every month, using up entire boxes of female products in just a few days, just knowing the inevitable anemia was causing me yet more fatigue. 

I have to assume I could see all that again, given the "Right" circumstances.  It's a rather depressing thought. 

I also had severe hot flashes, exacerbated by my medication.  I do heavy manual labor, for a living.  That didn't help either and I worried they would think I was taking "illegals". 

I started taking phytoestrogens for the problem.  They are, basically, plant hormones.  I was hoping they would help with the migraines (but they didn't).  I have taken the Soy Phytoestrogens from Swanson Vitamins, and their Wild Yam formula (the cheap ones).  Within two cycles, I was back to a modest flow.  My last cycle was positively light.  Happy customer. 

I have also purchased Dong Quai (I alternate what I'm taking, use up a bottle, take something else, go to a third product when I finish #2).  I am certain it will be equally helpful, and maybe it just might help with those hormonal migraines. 

You can bet I will continue to take the supplements! 

But it got me thinking, obviously my hormones are a little whack.  I could go from a light cycle to a heavy one.  I have heard stories of weeks-long cycles towards the end of fertility. 

I can't afford that many tampons!   I don't have a cheap and simple way to determine if I'm even in menopause, or if so, how far along. 

I also believe we are in the end times.  As times get worse, I expect it will be harder to find "common" items like female products. 

Remember the "buckets of blood"?  That could be a problem.  

I did some research.  The cups are pretty simple.  They're a cup, that goes where it should.  It collects the fluid in the medical-grade silicone.  It is emptied as needed.

For my last cycle, I could have gone the "Every 12 hours".  During a "buckets" cycle, perhaps every few hours.  They are easily cleaned by various methods, including an unscented baby wipe, rinse under a faucet, or even boiling. 

I have to admit, I used the Instead 12 hour "disposable" cups, years ago.  I hated them.  I liked how they worked, liked the cup concept, liked the overall experience, but they pressed horribly on my urethra, causing tremendous pain and irritation.  I always felt like I had a raging bladder infection (I didn't, I went to the doctor over this). 

I figured they were all the same.  They're not.  The positioning is completely different, I doubt I will have that issue with these. 

If I'm wrong, you can bet I will write all about it. 

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