Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Houston Hair Handout

"Never again" Ron moaned when we got home. 

I couldn't blame him.  We rode, total, over 4 hours just going to and from the Handout.  It had been a challenging day, but I'd already handed out 5 Bibles just going to and from Walmart.  When we got home, I found a gory bloodstain on the tiles. 

Oh, God, the cats brought something home and killed it.  I cleaned up the blood, only to find a live bird under the bookcase.  I stuck my hand under the edge and it "bit" me with it's beak, holding on tightly.  Good.  I used that to leverage the bird out and past some VERY interested kitty cats, putting it safely outside.  Cat door.  Not always a great idea.  It was a very common bird.  I don't know what made the bloodstain 'cause they ate it. 

I also tried to hydrate, and pee, as much as possible.  The only thing worse than a handout with a bursting bladder is a dehydrated one. 

When I found myself peeing about what I'd drunk a half hour earlier, I called it good.  I packed a bottle of Gatorade, a large bottle of Ozarka Sparkling water (very good), and a 6-pack of Diet Dr Pepper.  As it turned out I didn't need most of the drinks. 

We had, as I've related, a very long ride to the Handout, but I handed out several Bibles on the way.  I also had to make a pit stop.  The older Spanish lady riding across the aisle squealed with joy and hugged the Bible when I gave it to her, grinning widely.  Awesome. 

We finally got to our stop.  It was pretty much what I expected from the Google StreetView.  I had a nice median, and part of it basically had a built in wheelchair ramp.  I was directly across from a Chinese takeout restaurant.  I set up, taking a minute to get the crates set up, Ron parked, gave Ron his hat, drank some Gatorade so I didn't get sick, and boom -

I was at the end of the median, at the turnaround, about a hundred yards from the intersection of Old Spanish Trail and Scott.  I had, to start, about 80 Bibles.  A few more than that, I think.  I didn't count them all because I seldom give them all away, I always have a reserve. 

Anyway, within a few minutes someone had parked at the turnaround, waving at me.  I got her served and things moved pretty briskly from there.  I had lots of "multiples" - one person wanting a couple to serve the whole family, or a carload and everyone wanted one.  Only one person tried to give me money - nice to have them believe the FREE part of the sign! 

About 5 minutes into the handout, a lady came walking over, carrying styrofoam cups.  "Gimme one of them Bibles".  I handed one over and asked if she needed more.  "Yeah" she replied, indicating the Chinese takeout restaurant "They all curious.  Give me a bunch, so I can pass them out."  I handed her several more, and she gave me some icewater. 

Within 5 more minutes, the owner came out, bringing more ice water, and asking me, in broken English, to save some Bibles for her to offer at the restaurant.  I did. 

I saw a man aggressively confronting people, shoving paper at them, working on private property.  Rude, invasive, and ILLEGAL.  That's why I work the way I do. 

I saw a man in a colorful cloth cap, staring at me.  I offered him a Bible and he told me he was a muslim.  "Have a nice day!" I waved, and meant it. 

No one told me, when I was asked to work there - they had a huge mosque about a quarter mile from my handout spot.  I didn't let it stop me. 

I offered a Bible to one guy drinking a "40" (ounce beer in a can, hidden in a paper bag), swaying as he walked.  He gave me a beautiful smile as he took it. 

Oh boy - did they love those Bibles.  I had the "nice" ones and they were going like hotcakes, when the recipients saw what I had to offer.  I am so thankful to all my sponsors! 

I had one guy who parked and came over, perusing each Bible and "shopping" for his perfect one.  I let him take all the time he wanted.  "After all" I told Ron later "I want to give them away."  He took a few and left. 

I'd brought 10 children's and they were hugely popular.  "I've got Kid Bibles!" - wow, that is a battle cry to beleaguered parents and grandparents - who wisely want to get their kids right with God before the world turns them astray.  I'll be getting more. 

I had one young lady who parked at the pawnshop (! my kind of area!, oh, and FOUR wig/weave/beauty supply places on one block), walked over, and got a Bible.  She was wearing a college t-shirt. 

I had one guy who came down, did the turn around, and went back, laughing.  I had a bus driver stop and get a couple, a bus driver who gave me a huge grin and a thumbs up, and several more dour bus drivers.  I waved and grinned at everyone. 

As I was running down, I saw a man in a knee immobilizer brace.  He could hardly walk, and was trying to carry groceries.  He clearly wanted a Bible, so I ran over and offered him his choice.  He selected the one he liked, put it in a grocery bag, and hobbled off down the road. 

I had a lady carrying several grocery bags, sweating, came over the median and down to me, to get her Bible, which I was delighted to provide.  If I have a lot of pedestrians I always do a better business. 

Pretty soon I was down to 3.   A car pulled up, a man leans out.  "How many?" I asked.  "Three!"  I handed them over and we were done. 

HOWEVER, I'd held back a half dozen whole Bibles (just a basic evangelism paperback), for the restaurant.  I gave them to the owner and she set them on the counter.  People were paging through them as they waited for their orders.  I'd also given her *one* Spanish.  When I saw one of her latina cooks checking it out, I gave her the rest (about another 7). 

We ate.  Ron wasn't impressed with the food, but I liked what I ate.  Then a very long ride home in rush hour traffic.  When I got home the rest of my Lifeway order was waiting on the porch.  So easy to rip open the box and give one to the driver! 

NOW I'm done.  Please pray for the recipients! 

Today's handout cleared the perfect amount of shelving to store the new Bibles - but hopefully not for long! 

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