Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flood Carnival

I woke up on time but found my hair really tangled.  It took me forever to get it brushed out and washed. 

We went to church. 

I was very excited to see a huge food service semi truck, various mobile homes, large tents, Red Cross armored trucks, etc.  It looked like the Flood Carnival had come to town. 

"Oh" I kept thinking "I could do a Handout!"  The thought kept persisting.

After church, I ran over to the workers (Southern Baptist volunteers) and asked if I could set up a table to distribute Bibles.  They will get back to me.  I gave them my name, phone number, and Facebook.

Mainly so they could see this ain't my first rodeo.

If this works out, I would bring a folding table and all my inventory.  I'd affix the Free Bibles sign to the front of the table and sit in a chair.  I'd bring Ron's wheelchair.  We would sit and offer Bibles to interested parties, refusing all "donations" of course.  

However, I always and only want to do God's will.  If that's not for me to do, I'll move on. 

Ron is talking about Bissonnet.  I'm game. 

I also ran into the guy from the print shop.  He had converted "Where to Look in the New Testament" into laminated bookmarks.  He was very worried I wouldn't like them, but they're great and probably more likely to be kept. 

I was quite happy to drag it off to my ride, when he showed. 

We came home, I took a nap.  I'm still pretty tired. 

I do get sloppy, on occasion, taking my antidepressant.  It causes pretty extreme nausea and headaches.  If I'm already battling extreme nausea, it'll cause vomiting, and if I take it during a headache, same thing.  Ask how I know!

My more-protein diet is working pretty well.  The nausea is a lot better, which means I can take my medication again.  I had missed a day here and there. 

But, it causes pretty serious fatigue, and brain fog.  Not so fun.  But it does help with the depression. 

I also have an annoying post nasal drip and cough, partly from the infection, partly from allergens.  I don't even have to look to know the mold levels must be astronomical.  I have been taking a lot of mucus pills - one of the few things I can take that doesn't cause an interaction or mania. 

It's tiresome, but not serious.  I can certainly do everything. 

I just ate dinner and took my medication, I can already feel the fatigue.  Yes, I'm whining a little bit, but I'll live. 

I am so ready for the new body I'll get in Heaven one day. 

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