Friday, June 5, 2015

I can smell the chocolate

Well, I slept with Torbie cat.  I can't recall any nightmares.  I'm calling it a good night's sleep. 

It's a good thing.  While I painstakingly applied deodorant, brushed my teeth, and brought my work items, I forgot the back brace.  Happily God took care of me. 

We went to the warehouse.  I needed everything - sales have exploded, and not just ours.  The other vendors were scrambling "A-holes and elbows" he said. 

My list was simple: Everything! 

I got Ron's items, and proceeded to stuff as much as I could in the cracks around Ron's merchandise.  I could have easily used two hand carts, if I had a bigger truck. 

I was careful to bring the ice chest, cleaned out and ready for service.  It just seems pointless to spend hundreds of dollars on chocolate and leave it lying in the sun, in a pickup truck bed, riding to work in 90 degrees.  Much better to put some cold packs into the ice chest and load it with chocolate.  I did that, but it took up a lot of room in the truck bed.  For a moment, it looked as though I might not have the room, but the cart attendant managed to make it all fit. 

I managed to get everything I needed, except big hot chips.  I couldn't make them fit, and assumed (correctly) the customers would rather have their hot pork rinds, and jalapeno kettle chips. 

I am a flavor wimp, and find it highly amusing: my shining stars in the snack machine are all extremely hot chips.  You couldn't pay me to eat my own merchandise! 

We used the new guy.  I like him a lot. 

We got everything transported and unloaded in about an hour, per Ron.  Good.  I got it into the building and had my classic battle: helping Ron, versus doing snacks. 

Snacks were decimated yesterday, but not so bad today.  It took maybe half an hour to do the chips portion, longer to stock all the candy and granola bars. 

Sometimes people want to know what I sell:
Peanut M&M
Plain M&M
Baby Ruth (I used to love those when I could eat peanuts)
Skittles (3 kinds)
Starburst (2 kind)
Fruit Mentos (3 kind)
Mint Mentos
Hershey Almond
Reeses PB cup
Nature valley protein bar
Classic Nature Valley granola
Nature Valley Almond
Nature valley Trail Mix
Rice Krispie Treats
General Mills cookie assortment (2 kinds of oreo, chips ahoy, and nutter butter)
Detour protien bar
Some other protein bar I sell for $1.40

You get the idea - and that's just the candy.  Now, I have 3 snack machines.  Each coil holds 20 or so items.  That's a lot of stocking! 

I did make sure to eat one of MY protein bars (I have a little stash of things I bought myself) before stocking so I wasn't drooling all over the merchandise. 

I can smell the chocolate, as I work. 

I got all that done, and helped Ron.  It wasn't too crazy today, but we had a lot of work.  Plus, I had to move an insane amount of merchandise into our small area.  I managed.

I even managed to take a very short breaks, sitting on my 5 gallon bucket (I got a bucket seat lid online).  My feet sure enjoyed the rest and the bucket held my weight.  I have my (unused) sanitary stuff, snacks, and a change of clothes for Ron, in the bucket.  

I was happy to see the other vendor was just as busy as us.  I was worried it was only us, and might create some difficulty.  Nope. 

Finally.  All done.  I practically crawled out into the horrific heat and humidity.  I wore another one of my performance tshirts, today.  It was very comfortable.  I have 3 now.  Dickies Performance T

My pants had an annoying crotch bagginess that reminded me of my recipients!   I may need to try on some clothes at Wallyworld tomorrow. 

I brought my rolling cooler, which is also designed to be used for seating. 

We got stuck waiting at shift change, so things were brisk.  A woman stormed up to me, scowling. 

No, I'm not a postal worker.  What are you trying to do?  You can't mail anything here, they don't let the public in the door. 

I have a problem with the post office.  

I found it odd she'd brought a teenage boy.  I pointed her at the front office, that's what they're paid for.  I didn't envy whoever dealt with her.

About that time, our ride pulled up, but someone was standing in the street in front of us, having her little drama, so he had to park off to the side.  Thanks, lady, you just made my nearly immobile  husband go out of his way after a really long day at work.

Some days, I am SO GLAD we are not open to the public.  I was happy to ride away.

We had a really nice driver we like a lot.  We came home.

I was exhausted and had only eaten junk, aside from my protein bar.  I wasn't queasy today.

I made a protein shake, part whey, part casein.  The casein is a slower acting protein.   I chugged that and went to bed for a couple hours.  Torbie did NOT join me.  :( 

I woke up pretty stiff, not unexpected.  I did a Bible Handout and Truck Day. 

I need to pamper myself and get my protein, the next couple days. 

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