Monday, June 29, 2015

Foul weather cat

I had a horrific migraine all yesterday, last night, and most of this morning. 

I did manage, yesterday, to watch a sermon online and do my God Time.  Torbie was very cuddly.  She's my foul-weather cat.  She just lives here when things are good, but when I'm in pain or depressed, she is the most loving cat imaginable. 

It's been my experience, old cats are like that. 

I didn't manage much, yesterday, not even a shower. 

I slept horribly and "had" to get up early to go to work at 4 AM.  I managed a shower, did my God Time later.  I was surprised my hair didn't look worse. 

I did have a horrific deodorant failure and did my best to avoid my customers.  I remember applying it, I don't know what went wrong. 

At work, I filled the machines, received 2 deliveries, including 50 cases of canned soda, put them away, stocked, helped Ron stock.  If I had to summarize my job in one word, it's "stock". 

Finally done.  I was exhausted, I'd slept terribly. 

I went home, ate some pizza, and took a nap.  I had very odd dreams but slept pretty well, even when #6's yard guys came by and did their work. 

I woke up with yet another headache, realizing the pizza was my trigger.  Ugh. 

It's not too bad, now, but I am pretty tired. 

We work tomorrow but not forever.  I really hope I can ENJOY my next day off. 

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Anonymous said...

Have a fun day off! Heather you have earned it!

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