Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Evil

 Storm damage
Unfortunately, Gravy melted. 

We had a big storm system.  We knew about this for days. 

Years ago, before Tropical Storm Allison, I told Ron, "It looks like a dull, boring, evil".  We have a unique method of communication.  You should hear us in person, speaking our patois. 

Anyway, as it turns out Allison was the harbinger of a 500 year flood.  It was epic.  We had to walk out of work, over 12 miles, along the overpasses.  Long, long, walk.  I learned a little about prepping for disaster in that day. 

So, "evil" is a multi use word; one definition: Bad storm. 

I told Ron "Big Evil is almost here" when we went to bed.  Sure enough, it started a while later. 

If you ask Ron about the storm, he'll complain about #2's car alarm, kept going off.  We also had pretty gusty winds.  Pretty safe bet, I've found, over 50 mph winds will blow open the cat door inside the house.  I had that. 

It was the usual, big, bad-ass thunderstorm.  However, it stuck around, pouring, for hours.  Houston had pretty significant flooding. 

We did not, as I've shown.  Except for poor melted Gravy. 

Now, the next day Ron called paratransit.  Open for business, ride coming about 6:30.  Yes, things were bad but we basically were going from NW to NE, not through the bad spots. 

We went to work, stocked. 

No ride home.  Ron called, the company had cancelled all rides, including ours, leaving us effectively stranded.   Not Happy, either of us. 

Now, worst case, when "it" hits the fan, I would walk home, pushing Ron in the wheelchair.  But traffic was still present, and it was completely unsafe. 

Besides, it helps to have a tool in your box, so to speak.  We called a cab, paid for ourselves, and it arrived in 4 minutes.  A wheelchair cab, even. 

So, other than being completely stranded at work by the paratransit company, it was a good day. 

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