Thursday, May 28, 2015

Let's hear it for the bayou

I'm not feeling inspired but I'll try to do you justice. 

I didn't sleep well.  I didn't shower. 

One reason: I bought some no rinse shampoo caps.  I am curious to see how they might work in a tough situation.  I'm going to "let" my hair get pretty awful and then try one.  If it doesn't work I can always jump in the shower. 

We have had various plumbing issues, etc.  It would be handy to have something on hand for a situation like that. 

As we left for work, I noticed the bayou has dropped to near-normal levels.  Good to know.  Even the news guys are saying "The bayous are fine".  Let's hear it for the bayou. 

We went to work, got the sandwiches, and I stocked them all.  I am pretty much out of snack inventory.  We did a little better than anticipated. 

I helped Ron do the inventory and stock, once I finished snacks. 

At one point, I had brought Ron a handcart with several cases of cold drinks.  He stocked the water, shut the door, and locked the machine, as I stood by approvingly. 

I turned around and realized the cart was still full of drinks, and began laughing.  Ron heard me and put the pieces together, laughing himself, and opened the machine, reaching for the cart handle. 

"I don't see how they let us live on our own" I choked. 

Things have been pretty good at work.  I started bringing in dish soap, which has been popular. 

I only had one small issue, one of the new guys (a transfer) approached me and demanded I "bring him one of those cups, honey".  He wanted me to give him free cups for the ice machine.  We don't do that. 

WHY would we do something that can take away sales?  That's just stupid, not to mention the cost of goods.  "Those cups" (for the coffee vending machine) cost over $150 a case.  I'm not handing them out to anyone. 

I told him no, he got an attitude, went and asked the other vendor, who ALSO told him no.  Sorry, new facility.  Maybe the other vendor gave you handouts but he's out of business. 

At another point, he came to me and informed me Ron had "spent all day on the phone".  I just looked at him, blankly.  Later on, in the man's view, I made a point of cuddling with Ron just in case he hadn't figured out we're married, and Ron's the boss. 

People haven't figured it out, if you attack one of us, we close ranks.  It's a good thing, and a bad one.  Ron and I have a unique bond based on interdependence, empathy, and mutual understanding. 

At any rate, we got it all done.  We had a good ride to Walmart with a driver we like. 

I had about an hour and a half at Walmart.  I needed some atypical things so I really needed the time.  I got everything on the list, but I did forget a few small items. 

Oh, well, there's always next time. 

I checked out, flinched over the total (but it wasn't that bad because Ron got a lot of stuff, and paid me back), and left.  We had a good ride home.  The driver's a lot like Ron, one of those nearly bald guys, growing out what little hair he has left.  I like Ron's ponytail better. 

I got home and put everything away (including 28 pounds of cat litter!), put the milk in the fridge, and Ron's TV dinners in the freezer.  He got a Sausage and Chicken Gumbo (I know he likes it so I encouraged him to purchase), 3 Jimmy Dean Steak Bowls (he adores them, and they have vegetables), and the Nighthawk Top't Chop't steak dinner (it has a cheesy potato casserole and a formed steak patty in gravy).  They all cost about $3 each. 

Ron's happy, a good dinner, and I don't have to cook or do dishes when I'm depressed. 

Then we got a takeout lunch from the deli.  I forgot (!!!) I can't do chicken strips with the lithium.  Lithium hates chicken.  Pretty queasy still.  

I took a nap, a couple of hours.  I really needed it.  When the dreams started getting strange I got up. 

I'm tired.  I'm queasy.  But I have tomorrow off. 

I did get a little energy just now, so I cleaned the shower, cleaned the drains (all 3), emptied "my" sink, treated the dishwasher with a little bleach solution prior to running a cycle, loaded the dishwasher, and got some laundry started. 

Nice to have a little energy now and then.  Too early to call it a mania, but like I tell Ron "When I get energy I do whatever I can to clean up." 

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