Sunday, May 17, 2015

Niacin flush

Tired.  Depressed.  I woke up with a tickle in my throat, which I pray is not the onset of some infection. 

If so, I probably picked it up at Walmart.  Last week, I had Ron in the kiddie cart at the Walmart, about the same time the "Senior Pines" upscale nursing home showed up on one of their runs.  It is very sad to see them waiting on the bus, shopping alone, etc. 

One lady and I met.  She was on an electric cart, in the middle of the aisle as I came around the corner with Ron in the kiddie cart.  "Oh!  That looks like fun!" she exclaimed. 

Her mood became somber "I wish I had someone to take me around on that!"  I assured her she was "next" after I "finished with him" and I'd buy her an ice cream if she "behaved".  She beamed at me as Ron laughed. 

A small boy gaped at us later, and I smiled.  "It's funny" I told Ron.  "Before medication, I'd have been furious.  After, I just smile." 

No, it doesn't really alter my mood, as much as it takes the crap out of my head. 

Anyway, I did a lot of housework.  Recently I opened the dryer, and found a horrifying sight.  I use the dryer rarely, it has probably been years.  It was full of multicolored, fuzzy, mold.  It also had a terrible odor.  I've run some cycles with good cleaner, and plan to keep it up. 

I don't want to break it. 

I also did laundry and did up my pills-of-the-week.  I found out my multivitamin is low in niacin.  I decided to take one of my b-50's, and got a niacin flush, a horrific, hour long hot flash.  Miserable. 

I watched a couple episodes of Law & Order while I worked. 

I tried to take a nap.  Couldn't.  Ron woke up and wanted to chat. 

I told him some internet gossip I had seen on my boards (all non-confidential stuff), he started drinking.  He is onto brandy now.  Brandy is apparently delicious with everything, except for bananas. 

I plan to do some organizing under my bed, and finish the laundry.  I want to get my new pants washed. 

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