Monday, May 11, 2015

Old Faithful

I don't complain, but I'll state facts:
I slept horribly last night (I did have Torbie, though, my sweet old lady cat).
I woke up with a headache (but the Excedrin did a pretty good job throughout the day, and gave me the "energy" to make of up for the lack of sleep). 
Work was hectic (but over by 10 AM). 

We had a soda delivery.  When Ron called it in, I suggested he ask our sales rep for Coy.  Coy's a great guy, very professional, great attitude.  The kind of person I'd "steal" for my business, if I needed one. 

I didn't need to do much for snacks, and I praised God for that.  I helped Ron, talked to the other vendor, and had both deliveries arrive within 10 minutes. 

I was happy it was my favorite sandwich guy, and I had a meatball sub for Coy.  He loves them, and I always pack a lunch.  It is my hope people would look forward to coming to us; anticipating respect, appreciation, and a good meal.  I truly pray I do that. 

So, I got back and made up the lunch.  Ron didn't listen, I told him to do a 10 AM pickup.  I had to scramble because he set if for 9, instead.  I hate that. 

I would so much rather have more time, and less stress at work, BUT we got it all done and out in time for our ride.  We had a good ride home. 

I ate, took my meds, and a nap.  A very long nap.  Between yesterday's migraine, today's headache, all the painkillers running in my system, sleep deprivation...

I was happy to find both Biscuit and Torbie with me, at one point.  Torbie is "Old Faithful" though, sleeping by my head.  I love that.  I don't care what she does the rest of the time, but I love it when she sleeps with me. 

I woke up, finished my God Time, and helped Ron get a new digital recorder.  His old one died. 

I'm also working on a few things for the disaster kit, putting up some lentils and spices.  I want to master some lentil recipes because they're cheap, filling, high in protein, and cook fast.  I like them, too, I just need to figure out how to spice them so I adore them. 

Even more important, so Ron adores them, too. 

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