Sunday, May 31, 2015

Riot Act

I just read Ron the riot act, in the Sam's Club parking lot, for being verbally abusive. 

He literally told me he "Had to punish" me for forgetting the soda.  How the hell did I marry a man like that?  Who thinks he has to punish me?  He wasn't talking physically. 

He wasn't happy with our paratransit ride to the Sam's, and was so ugly to the driver.  I was embarrassed and furious on the driver's behalf.  "You know" I told Ron "You might want to watch your tone around the drivers.  If you get a reputation for being ugly you'll never lose it, and no one will want to pick you up." 

He did apologize to the driver, after we got to the destination.  But here's my attitude: why act like a shut, and then apologize?  How about you don't act like a shit to begin with? 

People are not your toilets, designed for your crap.  No, they are people with their own problems, probably worse than yours, but they're not dumping on you, are they? 

At any rate, during our ride, he was upset.  I chatted to the driver and looked out the window.  So much for my "punishment". 

Then, after I got out of the vehicle, his friend said "I will walk you to the truck, it is a short distance".  I took the walker and put it in the truck bed.  Ron got angry that I "took his walker without telling him" even though he had clearly just been informed. 

I told him, with great sarcasm "Yes, I know, everything that is wrong with your life is all my fault."  Then I went into the store.  I didn't care if his friend did get him to the truck, or he fell on the ground.  I was just done. 

He called me twice screaming at me to hurry up, in a 10 minute period.  I decided I needed to confront him. 

Once I got the merchandise stowed, I did just that.  I told him he had better watch his attitude, cut out the verbal abuse (calling it just that).  I said I didn't marry an abuser and I wouldn't stay married to one.  I will leave you, I emphasized repeatedly, if you don't stop the verbal abuse.  I didn't care about his friend, gaping at me.  I knew Ron would "attempt" to behave during a public confrontation.  He tried to put his hand on my shoulder after I got in, and I took it off. 

I didn't mention that even the most stringent religious "expert" has said I have Biblical cause to leave, and I have probably 10 people who'd help me load a truck the day I left. 

Abuse = bad = not acceptable
Stop or I will leave you. 

I kept it simple. 

He is pretty subdued at home.  He is not having his usual pity party, ugly session. 

Hopefully this will give him cause to think. 

I didn't even reference the alcoholism. 

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