Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fetch Heather!

I'm not blaming the cats, even though Torbie and Biscuit had completely hogged my blanket, in bed, last night.  Biscuit ditched me after Torbie hissed at him (I could have a whole TV show about their dramatics), but Torbie remained planted on the blanket.  I didn't want to disturb her. 

It was, I felt, a rather chilly night.  I also didn't sleep well; but I'm not blaming the cats.  I have a [censored] brain, some nights I sleep, some I don't.  But isn't that everyone? 

I slept late but did get my shower and breakfast.  Unlike yesterday, I ate a proper meal and did not get sick. 

We went to the warehouse.  I needed candy.  I got $150 worth and stocked nearly all of it. 

Ron and I agreed to do a longer shift, and Metrolift got us to work significantly early.  We needed every minute. 

I helped him fetch canned soda, stock same, fetch bottled drinks, stock bottled drinks in the fridge.  A lot of my work day is "Fetch, Heather, fetch".  Ron doesn't say it like that, he is always (generally) very nice about it, but that is my job.  This after doing my own work, stocking 2 food machines and 3 snack machines. 

Snacks didn't look bad, but they needed a lot of products!  That's good, we need to sell inventory to make a living. 

One of the safety specialists referred to Ron as "Our mascot".  I thought that was very sweet.  

I was just horrifically depressed.  I mentioned it only briefly to Ron.  He was sympathetic.  After all the stocking, we did inventory (well, he did), and made the soda order for Monday (Ron again). 

We had to wait about an hour to go home, tiresome but not unexpected, in the mid to later afternoon.  The driver seemed exhausted.  I did a happy dance when she pulled up in front of us. 

That is the nice thing about being the only "cripples" at work, if we see Metrolift, it's for us. 

We came home.  I ate some ice cream, a fake peanut butter sandwich (the Wowbutter {soy product} is a very good peanut substitute), and a couple of Triscuits, then took my medication and a nap.

I think I slept between 2 and 3 hours.  I hit the lotto: both Torbie, and Biscuit, in my bed.  They did not steal the blanket.  I had some ambient racket but I was so tired I slept regardless.  I got up after 6.
Happily, I've already eaten so I don't need to worry about that.  I might take a salt tablet because I'm craving salt.  I have a couple online things I need to do but nothing major.

We're off tomorrow, good.  

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