Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eat the floor clean.

More rain, no damage to our area. 

Went to the bank, got paid. 

Went to the mall (Ron's idea).  He got a lot of takeout and should be set for nearly a week.  He likes the food court. 

I came home and got a mild nap.  Got up, did my God Time.  Computer. 

I kind of choked, doing it, but I bought 100 really nice whole Bibles with imitation leather covers, all different colors (mainly black, and purple), in a couple different translations.  Those will be huge with the recipients.  I had to remind myself, repeatedly, the sponsor wanted me to do this. 

I had some fun talking to Ron, watched a little TV.  I didn't assemble the treat ball correctly.  It is a ball, with a hole.  Kitty rolls it around and gets treats. 

I threw it in the hall and it blew apart (separated).  Treats EVERYWHERE.  Boy, the cats had a lot of fun with the cleanup.  Being lazy, I just let them eat the floor clean. 

That was pretty much my day, except for one thing.  I had laid out my clothes on the bed, donned my shorts, and hunting for my bra.  I couldn't find it anywhere. 

I was upset.  I had just had it on the bed, and it was gone.  It didn't walk off!  I was frustrated because I had just lost my pocketknife the other day, too. 

My butt felt kind of strange, and I reached back.  And found the bra hanging out behind me like a tail!  I had a good laugh showing Ron, who said he felt that wouldn't be a good look, for the bank! 

[snort]  Not bad, overall.  I even found my pocketknife, later. 

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