Monday, May 25, 2015

Good for me

Ron, I've begged him, "Please don't say 'the dog has been so quiet lately'."  Whenever you do that, she barks all night long. 

Sure enough, he went there, and she did. 

It wasn't a total loss, I mean, I had the headache anyway, which morphed into "the migraine".  So, if I had to be sleep deprived AND migraine this week, I got it all over with today.  I believe it's the weather front we have inbound. 

We had to go to the warehouse.  Then we went to work.  I bought some snack products. 

I am working on becoming a better listener.  I think I am, because one of the employees talked to me for 20 minutes, about his dog.  I'm not really a fan of dogs but I listened anyway. 

"What was I going to do, read my Kindle?"  It's kind of an iffy neighborhood, I wouldn't want to let my guard down and get robbed.  I'm very fond of my (base model) Kindle. 

We got to work, things had been somewhat busy.  I helped Ron first, then did my work.  I may restructure that way.  Ron was a lot happier, and he didn't "bother" me while I was doing snacks.  I had time to do ALMOST everything. 

People have been bugging us for juice drinks.  We don't have room in the stockroom, or in the fridge.  We carry, Ron told me, 15 different drinks already.  I refer them to the other vendor. 

It wasn't much fun working with the headache but it did dial down after I got a BC powder.  Ron keeps some in his fannypack for me.  They are more compact than tablets. 

We did nearly everything, but we're going back tomorrow.  I at least put some food out, and got all the drinks done. 

We came home.  I was worried the neighbors might make racket - but they were leaving on an outing.  I had a good, 3 hour nap (remember I didn't sleep last night). 

I may get a package today.  If so it should arrive around now, but it is a holiday.  Oddly enough, I did get my shampoo caps from Amazon yesterday. 

A Sunday.  I guess I'm in the 7 day delivery area. 

The shampoo caps are great if I oversleep and need to "wash" my hair.  They apparently get the hair very nice in just a few minutes.  I'll let you know when I use them. 

[sigh]  Still getting over my virus, still tired, still depressed, still here. 

The cats are great, though.  I just saw Biscuit running down the hall, his tail held high like a flag.  Baby Girl is taking advantage of her injury to steal my chair.  Torbie took a nap with me and Gravy was just stalking a toy.  I cleaned the boxes, Ron fed them, and I changed their water bowl. 

Life is good, for them, and that means it's good for me. 

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