Sunday, May 31, 2015

If I was telling the truth

More barking last night.  I believe the horrific storms last week unleashed a tide of freaked-out stray dogs, either that, or the dog-next-door is in heat. 

Ron and I agreed they don't seem the type to spay their pet, especially if they just bought it off a friend.  If that's true, every time she has a heat she's going to attract a lot of stray dogs.  And a loooot of barking. 

I don't know which it was, but yet again, more hours of barking.  Ron kept bugging me every couple minutes talking about the dog and making suggestions.  I finally had to tell him to please leave me alone and let me sleep.  "You'll never sleep with all that noise" he said. 

Well, I did, partly because I went to bed early.  I woke up, walking through the house, feeling so grateful it hadn't flooded. 

I just walked around thanking God, then I took my shower.  I did my God Time later. 

Last night, when  Ron was in "punishment mode" - how dare I forget 2 cases of soda, out of nearly 40?  How dare I affect perhaps 3% of our sales, for a couple of days at that? 

Anyway, he told me he was going to "make" me go to the store with his friend.  Alone.  I objected, vehemently.  I've repeatedly told Ron, the guy has expressed an interest, and I am not interested.  I've told him it makes me very uncomfortable (not because I'm tempted!) to be alone with him for that reason. 

Ron's answer to that was to tell the guy he could have sex with me, as long as Ron was allowed to watch.  Not helping!  

Also, I mentioned, I didn't like the way he ran his hand down my arm, caressingly - like a lover, yesterday, when he was "trying to get my attention".  Now, when I want to get someone's attention, I tap them on the shoulder with one finger.  He walked up alongside me, put his palm on my shoulder, and ran his hand slowly down my arm.  That's lover behavior.  That is not getting someone's attention! 

Ron got a prune face, he didn't want to believe me, so I demonstrated.  "Would you touch [the other vendor's wife] this way?"  No, he agreed. 

If I was telling the truth, (you can see why I've been so pissed at him lately), this was a problem.  This is one huge reason I don't want to be alone with the guy, I could see him trying to rape/seduce me, fighting him off, "he said/she said" and Ron would believe the other guy.  

Probably one time you don't want to be out of the closet bipolar, after a sexual assault.  Everyone's going to blame the victim.  I hope I'm wrong. 

He decided he would tell the guy that I was "weird and didn't want to be touched at all".  I told him I was fine with that.  I think Ron expected me to object.  That, in and of itself, probably "sold" him on the veracity of my claim. 

So the guy kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye, today.  I was fine with that.  I don't know what Ron told him and I don't care, as long as he keeps his hands off.   Ugh.  And he did. 

I did wake up with Torbie and Biscuit.  Torbie has been sleeping by my head, a lot, and I love that.  Biscuit likes to drape himself across my legs.  He's doing great on his canned food diet and no vomiting.  Since I'm the one who gives him the canned food, I'm his Favorite Person right now. 

When we got home, I ate and took my pills, all of them, and then took a long nap.  Someone was playing music but I slept anyway.  Tomorrow is soda delivery day, that's going to be a very early wakeup at 2 AM. 

Ideally I will go to the Acres Homes flood shelter and pass out some Bibles, but we'll see what God thinks of my plan.  It should be really easy to get there on the bus. 

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