Thursday, May 21, 2015

Still sick

Still sick.

Dry cough.
Sneezing a lot.
No real appetite.  

Sore throat is better but not all the way.  I am taking tons of supplements in addition to my regular routine. 

Day off; but Ron's cat injured her tail and had to go to the vet.  She was apparently bitten by a stray dog.  The tail base area is inflamed and her tail sprained.  She still has nerve function in her tail, but it's injured.

Can't put her in a tail brace, but "we" got a shot of antibiotics to prevent an infection.  "This is a really bad area for an abscess" she told me with concern.  The vet was very happy we brought BG in when we did.

Ron bought me some pizza.  I don't have an appetite, sure didn't want to cook, but I have to eat so I can take my pills.

I was just teasing Ron about his "Golden Girl" due to the vet bill (about $100).  She seems to be OK.  I am sure she'll make a good recovery.  It's just hard to see her poor bruised tail.

I had a nice nap with Torbie, and Biscuit even came and laid on my legs while I slept.  

I have to work tomorrow, but not long. 

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