Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's not in my yard

I woke up to a ghastly migraine. 

I managed to take a shower, but had a horrific bout of the heaves over my bucket.  I realized I would not be able to do truck day. 

I told Ron, who griped, but cancelled.  I have only "called in" a few times in spite of my many, horrific, headaches.   I just knew it couldn't happen today.  I have so much lifting to do. 

Ron, later, got the bright idea to break it up into two days a week, instead of one.  Tomorrow I will explain that two days are double the work, not half. 

I mainly spent the day curled up in a ball, having migraine nightmares.  I did get up to clean Ron's leg.  The spray peroxide makes it pretty easy, and it is looking a little better.  He went back to sleep with the leg exposed.  Good, the air will help. 

I fixed a small meal and ate.  I'm not taking my pills yet, I feel very odd.  The phenergan I took raises lithium levels anyway. 

Just now I found a young boy headed around my house, into my back yard.  Here's a hint, kid, if you see lights in the house, and the television's on, someone is home.  I'm not blind or deaf.  When I opened the door he came running back around the house. 

"I lost something" he said. 

"You know the rules" I said, thinking he was one of the kids next door (forgot they went out).  He ran back home, two houses away, and stood in the driveway (#8). 

It's a good thing I do have a migraine.  

Remember when the neighbors I barely knew, "helpfully" decided to rake the front yard, the day before I got robbed?  That house.  Everyone thought they had something to do with it.  The one with the vicious pit bull that kept attacking me.  The owner would take it for "walks", look at his phone the whole time, texting, and the dog would pull the leash, run into my yard, and try to attack me.  My back was turned both times.  The second time I said I would sue both him and the landlord, and the next attempted attack would result in a call to the landlord.   The walks ended and they keep it pinned up in their back yard now. 

So I find it a little odd his kid was sneaking around in my yard, having lost "something" (normally they specify what was lost "my ball" or "my airplane")....

I decided to check the yard.  Maybe he did fling it, whatever it was, two houses down. 

I inspected the whole yard.  Nothing.  I did see Torbie. 

I went back out, the kid was still there in his driveway.  "I checked my yard" I told him "I didn't find anything.  You need to ask the [#6] to give you your thing back when you get home because it's not in my yard."  Remember #6 has a dog now, so he couldn't go in their yard.  This may be why they got her, in fact.  Ironic if they had the same problem we did - kids in the yard, constantly. 

I debated going to talk to the father.  "Tell your kids to stay out of my yard, they are disturbing my disabled husband".  I will wait, for now.  Worst case I can just contact the landlord. 

So, I have to think, he must have been after a cat.  He probably chased Torbie into the backyard and thought he could catch her or something.  I'm not overly worried about the cats.  They can defend themselves, especially from an 8 year old. 

Torbie was the only "thing" in the yard and she would absolutely run from a stranger.  She can take care of herself. 

I think I will take a photo of the horrific ulcer on Ron's leg.  If I have another problem I will go to the father, show him the photo, and say "And that's in addition to all the other health problems he is battling!"   That should do it. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

I'm just curious if you had migraines before starting your current medications or if you had them before? I'm sorry you don't feel well.

Heather Knits said...

Oh, I did... pretty bad but infrequent. I am taking Butterbur right now from Swanson, it helps with the excruciating "not migraines but not far either" daily headaches I was getting the 2 weeks before my cycle. However, I am getting the occasional breakthrough.

Lithium apparently is notorious for migraines - so's the Wellbutrin, I can literally feel my blood vessels clamping down after I take it.

Since they keep me from committing suicide elimination is not an option. I remind myself it is part of the price tag, and I was getting them anyway. My aunt in particular has very nasty ones, and she is "fine" mentally.

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