Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ghetto Bus Stop

As I lay awake last night, kept up by relentless yapping that penetrated even my earplugs, I reminded myself I had today off.  I didn't have to work.  I could take a nap (and did).  I also reminded myself the homeowners were probably a lot more disturbed by the barking, as they have far busier and more active lives. 

Needless to say, I woke up pretty tired.  I resolved not to complain and only mentioned the barking twice.

We went to Walmart.  I had a good time with Ron in the "kiddie cart".  It's a blue plastic seat mounted on the back of a standard shopping cart.  "For children and adults up to 250 pounds".  Heck, even I could ride.

The manager thinks we're "cute".  I always make a point to thank him, and point out all the things I'm buying, because they have the cart.

They redid all the displays and have seemingly added more groceries.  The displays are beautiful (I used to work merchandise display, or planogram).   I found everything on my list and a few things that should have been on the list.

We had to pay the electric bill at the payment center, in cash.  I put Ron off to the side and waited in line (Ron made a mistake paying over the phone and they are only accepting cash for a month now).  Like I said yesterday, I'm not hatin'.  I would do no better, and probably worse.  I pay the water bill.  We have had it cut off once, and cutoff notices on a couple other occasions.  I remind myself he has 4 kinds of brain damage (coup-contra coup, shear injury, hemorrhage, and anoxic).  He does great considering.

It wasn't much fun waiting in line but we got it paid and it's already been processed.  We have a small credit.

Good.  That done, Ron and I agreed, if we ever have to do it again, we need to add in half an hour.

I still had time to do my shopping.

I had made a rice casserole. Ron said it was fine, but a little bland.  I agreed.  I decided to finish it this morning, and took my medication.

Wellbutrin does not like rice casserole.  It was unpleasant.   That's all I'll say.

I got a shake later, and that helped a lot.  I think the acid just needed something to digest.  I got Ron a breakfast sandwich, which he gave away.  He's got a beautiful heart.   I fell over a "Wet Floor" sign as we left. 

I felt pretty awful as we left the store, and really looked forward to sitting on the bench.  However, a guy with no legs, smoking, had pulled his wheelchair up in front of the bench, facing the back.  His son was taking up the rest of the bench.  I stood in such a way to indicate I'd like to sit, but they ignored me.

I did the old "Ghetto bus stop" routine and flipped a shopping cart sideways, sitting on it.  I saw that so many times, did it, when we lived in bad neighborhoods.  You won't give me a seat, in Texas?  Shame on you (the able bodied son could have moved over slightly, and the father backed up, everyone's happy).   Anyway, you won't share, I'll make my own.

I was happy I did.  I did not feel well.  I am making a mental note, always offer to share my seat even if they appear well and able bodied.  After all, I have "invisible" disabilities.  I want to be better, kinder, than that. 

Our ride came.

Now, sometimes the drivers wonder why I bring my own reusable bags.  The other guy was riding with us.  He had about 30 bags (the driver could have refused the trip, by the way).   It was very easy to load my 3 bags - various colors, clearly not from Walmart, and the other guy loaded all of his, around mine.  It was very easy, as I disembarked, to get "mine".  It is also great when the other client unloads before us, my bags are clearly "mine".  Glad I do it, one time a $30 bag of meats almost walked off before I caught it.  They wanted to keep it until I asked them to produce the receipt, producing mine in the process.  Oh.  He put it down.

Anyway, we had a straight trip.  I unloaded everything, gave Baby Girl a tummy rub (made me dizzy!), and put up the cold things.  Next stop on that train: bed.  I took a nap for a couple hours.

When I got up I worked on getting rid of some junk - stuff I've been meaning to toss, but haven't had the energy.   I got that.  Now I just need to drag the cans to the street.

I still need to do some organizing but the house does look better.  Now I need to attack the garage and load up some stuff for Salvation Army. 

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