Friday, May 29, 2015

Litter poop and a bulimic cat

In my life, even a day off...

I woke up to find Torbie lying next to me in bed, by my head.  That is my absolute favorite thing from a cat, sleeping next to my head.  I don't care if they get in my lap or even want any petting, but I love it when they sleep with me. 

That made a good start, until I found a lot of small grey feathers in the hall.  Sure enough, a blood trail led to a headless bird corpse in Ron's doorway.  I dealt with it. 

Biscuit had vomited (not bird products, he gorged on cat food).  He's a little bulimic.  He overeats and then vomits, but he's a healthy weight so I don't worry.  I cleaned up the puke (happily it was a single, dryish, lump). 

Ron was asleep, and I was a little manic.  I left him alone to sleep.  God knows I don't want to be bothered when I'm sleeping. 

I did my God Time and decided to try my shampoo cap.  Now, I like to say nice things.  So, I'll say it is probably very effective on women with shorter hair.  It didn't really do the trick for me.  I don't feel ripped off (I have 4 more), but I won't be buying any more.  It helps to remember I have oily, waist length, wavy, hair.  Like I said, I'm not hating, but it's not for me.  I may use them on Ron. 

I then watched Supernatural (the body swap episode, and the one where they go back in time to save their parents).  After the shows, I tried to take a nap.  The yard crew next door had other plans, so I took a shower and washed my hair "properly". 

In a pinch, I know I can wash my hair with a gallon or so of water, and cup, in the sink.  I did that when our drain line clogged several months ago. 

Then I tried to take a nap, but I couldn't sleep.  I figured, OK - I have a small mania here, let's use it, and did a pretty good job cleaning up the front room, while watching Grimm reruns (I never saw it the first time).  I did a pretty good job, but I did have a problem. 

I had recently purchased refills on my medication.  I couldn't find them.  I even went through the trash can, near my chair, because I recalled the medication being nearby.  I took out one bag, full of strangely sized lumps.  I prodded the bag with my hand, releasing a horrific stench.  Oh!  Yuck!  I just played with litter poop!   Ensue frantic handwashing. 

Later, I did find the medication, in the "logical" place. 

I worked on the bedroom for a while, pretty happy with the progress there. 

When I have a very small mania, like this, I have the energy, creativity, and motivation to do all those things that need to happen.  I try to use it to catch up on housekeeping and other "necessary" tasks. 

I am taking time to have fun as well. 

[sigh]  This is why so many bipolars don't want to take their medication - a small mania is great.  Loads of energy, everything's fun, even cleaning the litter box. 

I try to ride it, and enjoy it, all while staying properly medicated (and my levels are perfect per my last blood test). 

God knows the depression is coming. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
This is a random question. Several months ago you posted about a new bed frame from amazon. I think you had a link to it. I need a new bed frame and tried finding that post with no luck. Could you reply with the link? Would you still recommend it? Thank you so much!

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