Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Knock one more time"

Well, the food covering thing didn't work out too well. 

As it turns out, if the food is "covered" (even lightly so, with a plastic bag), the other cats won't eat it.  That is probably Baby Girl's whole point but it ended up with nearly a whole can of wasted food. 

I slept in today (day off) and got up.  I ate my protein bar, took my meds, and did my God Time.  I took a shower and watched Sam and Dean on Supernatural. 

I got on the computer for a while.  Then I took a nap. 

I tried, at least.  #6 was out there banging away on something in her back yard.  The garbage truck seemingly parked in front of my house, in part to drag away the mountain of #2's moving stuff they put mostly on my property. 

The garbage men got their revenge, though.  They put both cans in front of my house, then knocked them over.  So #2 had to go out in front of our house, in the street, pick up the cans, and put them away. 

Then some idiot decided to bang on my door, with an annoying syncopated rhythm.  I was furious.  Who bangs on a door in the middle of the afternoon?  We don't have any vehicles, so we don't have any in front of the house, so it's not like they knew we were there. 

They woke Ron up.  I was furious. 

I stormed halfway through the house, picking up my bathrobe, and stopped.  Did I really want to confront someone who was angrily banging on my door at 3 in the afternoon?  What kind of mental was out there?  They stopped, waited a few minutes, and started up again. 

"Knock one more time" I said to the door, quietly, "Knock".  They got the message and left. 

I went back to bed.  I had been sleeping with Torbie.  Now, Biscuit joined me.  I had fun laying in bed with them even though I couldn't fall back asleep. 

I finally got up around 4, watched some TV, checked the mail, and watched a short movie with Ron.  It was really odd.  I didn't like it. 

Then I ordered a pizza.  It was OK.  I may go with another company next time. 

I'm tired and depressed.  That's it. 

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Eric H. Bowen said...

I've been told that you really need to watch out for "knock burglars" who cruise neighborhoods looking for seemingly unoccupied houses. First thing they do, is knock. If someone answers they ask for directions to some obscure business or similar. If they get no answer, their next move is to kick in the door and ransack the house.

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