Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wierd, wierd, wierd

Last night we finally got the severe weather.  It woke me up, and kept me up, for hours.  We had a lot of rain, wind, and some hail. 

This morning I reset my alarm to get extra cuddle time with Biscuit.  I got up and took my shower, got ready for work. 

We went to the warehouse.  I bought all our stuff and Jack came and got us, to go to work. 

While unloading the truck, I caught a postal worker filming us.  I don't know why.  I was unloading a truck just like the other vendor does (well, they have a van, this was a pickup, and the other vendor's wife doesn't do manual labor).  I found it very disturbing. 

When caught, the woman filming me just said "Candid Camera!" and turned it off.  Weird, weird, weird. 

Why would you film the crazy woman?  Maybe she thought I'm faking being disabled and this would "prove" otherwise.  Maybe she thought my helper was Ron, even though Ron was sitting in his wheelchair.  I don't know and I don't pretend to understand what drove her behavior. 

But I do run paranoid and delusional.  BAD idea to stick a camera in my face. 

Good thing I took my meds today. 

We got everything parked in the stockroom and left.  We had done our stocking yesterday and everything still looked good. 

We went home.  I took a nap, well, I tried.  #2 had their yappy little dog out in the backyard and it was pretty loud, woke me up.  I had a thought of rising up, naked, and storming next door to please ask them to put it up. 

Apparently I transmitted this thought because suddenly it was quiet.  Then I got my nap. 

I woke up and did my God Time.  Torbie got in my lap and "helped".  Then Ron and I went to the BBQ place. 

We had a good time.  I got a hamburger with a fried egg on top and it was much better than the one at Denny's.  I was stuffed after eating the hamburger. 

Ron ate himself sick on pork ribs, again.  He loves his pork ribs. 

We came home.  #6 was gone (I thought they were having a party tonight, but I guess not), and 2 young women, of a different race, were parked crosswise at the bottom of #6's driveway, blocking it.  They watched the unloading (get out the wheelchair, bring it to Ron, stuff Ron in wheelchair, push him up the driveway, open garage door) with great interest. 

It's just been a strange day.  If I had a huge readership I would have thought they were fans. 

I settled in and so did Ron.  He's asleep now.  Someone knocked on my door. 

I went outside.  I don't leave the door open and talk to people because 1. I don't want them looking in my house and 2.  I don't want the cats getting out.  I stepped out on the porch and shut the door behind me. 

It was the owner of #2.  He wanted to trim one of the trees in my sideyard.  I said that was fine.  He had me repeat that to his yard guy.  I said, go ahead, just don't damage my roof (yard guy laughed at that, and waved it off), and told him how to open the gate.  So that will happen at some point, probably when I am trying to take a nap. 

Funny, last year, when they half-painted the house, they were cutting limbs off that tree without asking permission.  I guess nowadays we are being polite.  The house is still half-painted, by the way.  I'm surprised they got a tenant at all. 

So, that's been my day.  I am watching Dr Jeff reruns on the Animal channel and I will be going to bed pretty soon. 

I'm still pretty wiped out from last night. 

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Spankadoo said...

That is weird to film you and I am not paranoid usually at all. Can you casually ask her why?
I love eggs on burgers my chickens are laying guess what I will be having? With roasted green chilies and a burger.

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