Thursday, March 2, 2017

A trip to Walmart

Ron had a blackout last night.  All I can really say is that he didn't fall out of his wheelchair and he wasn't too verbally abusive. 

I didn't sleep well as a result.  I was also lacking a cat in my bed. 

3 cats, and none of them sleep with me!  I bathe daily! 

I do roll over a lot and squash them, though.  On one memorable occasion I woke up.  I was lying mostly on my stomach and something alive was underneath me and flailing away.  I realized I had rolled over on Bubba and squashed him.  I quickly flipped over on my back and released him, and he left for a while. 

That's about the time he started sleeping by my head, which is really the best place.  Frosty slept by my head, too.  Torbie sleeps by my left leg and Biscuit sleeps on my legs more to the right side of the bed. 

Except last night.  When I was all alone.  I think.  Torbie might have gotten up in there later, I think, but she wasn't there when I got up. 

I got up an hour late, and did my God Time later. 

I took my shower, happy I didn't have to shave my legs.  We went to Walmart. 

I bought bread, peanut butter (I had honey and jelly at the house) - actually it wasn't peanut butter, it was fake peanut butter.  Just in case peanuts are a headache trigger, which is still a question.  I got the roasted sunflower seed version, and the soy nut butter version.  I know the soy nut butter is pretty good. 

I bought a couple six packs of diet Dr Pepper because they were out of Diet Mountain Dew.  I bought some drink mix for me and some apple juice for Ron.  I encouraged him, if he was going to drink it, to at least drink the 100% juice and not the stuff laden with corn syrup. 

I bought him some trail mix in plastic bags.  They don't make noise if he eats them at night.  At least, not enough noise to wake me up. 

I bought some chips for myself, a variety of one ounce sizes.  Since I'm getting depressed, I want easy things. 

Easy is good.  I can make a bunch of sandwiches in the next couple days (all at once), and bag them up.  I can freeze some if I like.  Then I just take it out and eat it.  My Dad did that in college. 

I talked to my aunt.  She heard a story of a woman who went off her meds because "The Holy Spirit" told her to do it.  If God is telling you to go off your psychiatric medication, it isn't God.  It's the devil.  She (my aunt) just wanted to check in so we did.  She is so happy with all her grandkids.  They all live pretty close (just a couple hour's drive at worst), so she's really a part of their lives. 

I only saw my grandmother (the good one) once a year, at Thanksgiving.  We lived thousands of miles away.  I still have good memories.  She liked my stepmom a lot better than my mother, who apparently ruined one family gathering with wild delusions. 

I think my mother also had psychotic features.  If I had a time machine, I could go back in time and medicate my (evil) grandmother, and my mother, the things that would change. 

Oh, well.  They're both dead now and they can't hurt me anymore. 

My (good) grandmother died about 6 weeks after Ron's accident.  It was a terrible blow.  At the time, I was caring for Ron, who had head injury dementia.  I was exhausted and sleep deprived.  I was completely overwhelmed and depressed at the extent of his injuries.  It was a terrible blow. 

It's a good thing I had my faith, overall 2003 was a very bad year (did I mention our cats dying?). 

Back to Walmart.  I bought a case of cat food for the babies and decided I was ready to check out.  I had Ron in the kiddie cart, and the wheelchair in in the basket, so I had space issues as well. 

I paid.  My part was only about $70.  Not bad considering. 

We went out and had the same driver to come home.  I loaded everything in the back with his help.  When we got to the house, I unloaded everything and carried it up the driveway, to the garage.  The driver pushed Ron in his wheelchair, which I thought was very nice. 

We went inside and I put up the cold stuff (I had also bought cottage cheese and yogurt), I went to bed.  I had a pretty good nap. 

When I got up, Ron wanted me to watch "This wonderful movie".  It was so awful I turned it off half an hour before the ending.  I don't regret it.  Terrible movie. 

After that, I cleaned the litterboxes and watched a little of "The First 48".  I have to go to bed soon so that's it. 

More tomorrow! 

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