Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two days in one, again.

Ron had a blackout on Tuesday night that kept me up most of the night.  I was pretty annoyed at him. 

Doing my God Time the next day, I just couldn't see a way out of leaving him.  If I don't leave him, he'll leave me by killing himself mixing alcohol and Tylenol.  So, either way I'm alone.  I have come to rely on Ron for all my financial support, and don't have a good opinion of my employability skills these days.  So I was angry and depressed. 

I had to get ready to see Doc, though.  I did that.  Ron bitched and moaned endlessly because he would have to "waste" two whole hours on the trip.  That didn't make me feel very important.  Not to brag (I will) but every day Ron was in the hospital I spent at least 4 hours a day with him, not counting travel time and time running the business.  I spent probably over a thousand dollars on rides with Chuck, getting to and from his bedside, but I didn't (and don't) mind because I just think that's what I should have done.  It's what I would have wanted if it had been me in the bed. 

But Ron can't be bothered to "waste" 8 hours a year.  He really has a knack for the selfish, and making others feel unvalued. 

We went.  It was a pretty long ride, and at one point I thought "If we had an EMP and I had to walk home, I have no idea where we are."  Happily we didn't and we got there OK. 

They worked us in early.  Doc had a medical student.  I asked him for the same Depakote I got last time, but based on my pharmacy bill, I don't think he did that (too expensive).  Whatever it is I will take it. 

He told her all about the history of lithium and it was interesting to hear some of it.  A lot of it, I already knew, like if you put pure lithium into water it explodes.  You can also cut pure lithium with a knife.  I didn't know that it's found in caves, in stalactites. 

Doc decided I was fine and I demonstrated my tremor for the medical student.  They weren't impressed. 

We left after he electronically sent the prescriptions to my pharmacy. 

Ron decided he didn't want to wait a whole hour, even though I had encouraged him to bring something to read.  I had my Kindle, I was set. 

Ron called a couple of cab drivers and then the cab company, and put in a trip for us to go from Doc's office to our next destination, Walmart.  It was a hugely long trip. 

The cab driver who took the trip was thrilled with it.  A nice long trip.  Paying ca$h.  It was really long, too.  Let's just say the cab driver, after putting 5 gallons in the tank, will still have enough left for a nice steak dinner. 

I did my shopping at Walmart.  Ron didn't want to ride in the kiddie cart.  I left him up front.  I bought my stuff, including a new pair of capris.  The new ones are in stock now.  They don't have good pockets, though, they have the "Any money you put in here will fall out the second you sit down, or get up" design.  When I clean out Ron's pockets (and he wears the cheapest clothes he can buy), I am always impressed with the depth of the pockets.  Not so with women's clothes. 

I will have to get a fannypack to carry my money.  I'm OK with that but it will make me look even fatter.  Not happy about that. 

I also got some food stuff, etc. 

We went home (Ron called, and paid, Chuck).  I put away the perishables and tried to take a nap, but the yappy little dog next door at #2 kept me awake.  Every time I would drift off it would start yapping again.  Very frustrating. 

When I got up I had Ron call the landlord.  He wanted to know why I was so upset.  I reminded him HE kept me up the night before, and then the dog kept me up during the nap I needed.  I was very cranky. 

I felt totally betrayed by the landlady.  Ron specifically asked if there would be any dogs and she said "no".  I could live with it when they let the dog run around out back in the morning, then locked it up in the afternoon and evening.  But I need my rest. 

If I had called I would have explained we work strange hours, including nights and very early mornings, and sometimes we need to sleep during the day.  I would also remind her both Ron and I are disabled. 

Ron called.  He said that I need my nap in the afternoon, making me sound like a giant 2-year old.  He asked if they could lock up the dog between 12-4 in the afternoon.  I did like that part.  He asked if she knew about the dog, she said no, but there was nothing she could do now that they'd moved in.  She read Ron a lecture about how he couldn't expect perfect neighbors and we would just have to deal with it. 

If I was upset before, I was even more upset now, but Ron was already drinking and belligerent.  I went to bed early, figuring I would need my sleep for Friday (when I get up at 2 AM). 

I woke up about 8 AM today, with the alarm set for 9:15.  I laid in bed with Biscuit after I fed him (I wouldn't make him wait on his breakfast just so I could get a cuddle).  We had a good time.  He has this adorable way of draping himself across my lap as I lay in bed.  I felt very loved. 

I got up and took my shower, shaving my legs today because who wants to shave their legs at 2 AM?  Not me.  Not even when I was manic. 

I finished up and did my God Time.  We are getting into where Joshua takes over from Moses.  It never says how old Joshua was in Egypt when Moses came back (Moses was raised as an Egyptian).  All we know is that Joshua must have been at least 60 years old by the time he took over, and Israel had about 600K fighting men, so probably 1.5 million souls altogether.  Good thing he did have 40 years of training under Moses. 

I got dressed in some elastic waist shorts.  I had to wash my new capris, I got mud on the one pair of jeans, and I got a food stain on the other jeans.  I took them out of the washer just now and all the stains are gone. 

Our pickup was late, so we were left sitting outside of the house.  Someone came over from #2.  Oh, crap.  They got the call from the landlady.  He was very polite.  He just said if I had any issues, to please bring them up to him.  Implied, and not the landlady.  We were all very friendly and he left. 

They were working on sorting out a very cluttered garage.  He said they moved from out of state, Saint Louis, not Chicago as I thought, but that's still a lot of money to move all that stuff. 

I like to think if I had a huge move, and a little bit of money, I would probably just donate everything I could and just bring my memorabilia.  In reality, though, when I got a new bed Torbie was very upset at it for about a week so I would probably bring my bed, if not Ron's. 

Ron has ruined the bed, which was originally mine.  He continues to drink to blackouts so I have not pursued getting a new bed, because he would just ruin that one too.  He says he is comfortable. 

If he stopped drinking, and started some kind of counseling or program, I would be happy to help him get a new one, but I just don't see the point. 

I guess that makes me a terrible Christian.  So be it. 

I would be furious if we spent hundreds on a new bed, just to have him soil it, and he refuses to use mattress covers, say they make the bed feel funny. 

Our ride finally came.  We had an interesting talk.  He said his dog just had 9 puppies but one of them looked pretty bad and probably wouldn't make it.  I didn't give him the spay your dog lecture, I think he sells the puppies.  He didn't deny it. 

Sad.  There are so many adoptable dogs in need of homes right not, it is really irresponsible to play backyard breeder.  I didn't say that. 

We got to the BBQ place.  I got the catfish.  It was molten hot.  I couldn't even eat it.  That's good, though, at least all the harmful pathogens have been killed.  I nibbled on the edges while Ron ate his pork ribs. 

Our next driver was early, right as I had put everything into takeout containers.  She came into the restaurant to find us. 

Not too hard to find a man in a wheelchair!  LOL 

We loaded up and went on our way.  We had a straight trip home.  When I got home, I still hadn't taken my medication (I need a big meal) and the catfish was still hot (I don't know how they cook it, but whoo!).  I ate some cookies and had a big glass of milk, keeping it away from Biscuit because milk makes him vomit.  It doesn't stop him from drinking it, though. 

I took a nap.  It was quiet.  They locked up the dog in the afternoon.  Good. 

I slept until 4, got up, and turned on the computer.  I worked while the washer ran the load of dark pants, then I put them in the dryer after I inspected them. 

On one or two occasions, I missed a stain that did not come out and put it in the dryer, setting it permanently.  I didn't want to do that with my jeans.  I paid $20 each for them! 

The clothes were clean, so they went into the dryer. 

Then I came here.  I didn't even check my comments or stats (about 30K hits a month right now) before I started typing. 

I have to go to bed in about half an hour, so I'm going to check my bank balance and quickly try to find a fannypack that I can wear with the capris. 

9 minutes left before I need to go to bed.  I think I will just wish-list some fannypacks and buy one tomorrow. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I heard fanny packs are " cool again"
So are visors! I am kind of bumbed i liked sporting my geek flag proudly!
Visors, fanny packs and off i go!

You have more than earned a good one ! It will not make you look fat it is distracting from the tummy.
Mine is a bright blue but not happy with the style i like to carry water...and my 10 essential ( earthquakes here you know )

I wear carry a courrier bag and wear a fanny pack when i leave for the day Lolol! Paranoid much? Yes.

It is worth reasearching your fanny pack a bit first by figuring out what ideally you know you need and what place you want it you lift and bend so you really can find one tonwear for work and life, but be choosy i didnt check the inside measurements compared to my needs
Love to you and a good snuggle from crazytown north ..things are so bad but i started dancing every morning to a youtube guy 3 min a day of dance? It helps!

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