Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nights and weekends

Why does the headache always seem to come on the day off? 

Good question.  I took some aspirin and drank a Diet Mountain Dew to kill it.  It worked, somewhat. 

I took my shower and did my God Time.  We went to our favorite taqueria for breakfast.  Our ride was late and Ron got upset, and was a little short with the driver when she finally showed up. 

As I pushed Ron up to the doorway, I noticed they had a "jueves" special for "Sopa de cabeza" - head soup.  No thank you, very much. 

I had a quesadilla and just one of their delicious shrimp tacos.  Ron had them make him a (not on the menu, but should be) bacon, egg, and cheese quesadilla. 

Our pickup was late.  It was the guy who is usually late. 

He told us a story of one of his other clients.  She was "having some sort of bladder problem" so he dropped her at a drugstore to use the toilet.  She took so long dispatch was calling him on the radio, demanding to know his location, etc. 

If it had been me, I guess I would have said "You've got 5 minutes and then I am leaving" when he dropped her because, like he said, he couldn't exactly haul her out of the stall! 

By that time we were home.  I was looking forward to my nap as my headache had been re-aggravated by the first driver's air freshener.  My clothes reeked of cheap air freshener.  She must have used that nasty spray.  It is horrible and sticks to my clothes. 

Have you ever had someone else decide how you're going to smell for the day?  Even your hair?  Ugh. 

I took off all my clothes and laid down for a nap.  And our yard guys showed up.  All the cats fled to my bed with me in it.  Biscuit and Baby Girl went under the bed, Torbie bravely stayed up top.  Since Torbie is an older lady, I'm sure she has heard plenty of yard guys in her life. 

The guys followed their usual pattern, mow, weed-whack, and leaf blow.  Torbie was doing really well until we got to the leaf blowers, then she hid in the closet behind a robe.  I could still see her tail, though. 

The guys finished up and left.  I laid back down.  Baby Girl came out, then Biscuit.  And my alarm went off. 

We were going to Walmart because Ron wanted to buy some soda for work.  He wanted to get cream soda, strawberry, and grape. 

Our ride was on time but they rode us way off in the other direction to pick up a married couple (don't see many of those) and then took us back to our Walmart (probably well out of the other guys' way).  We finally got to Walmart. 

They did not have an easily available kiddie cart.  I saw one in use with a couple of little kids in it, and thought about taking it (grin).  I didn't. 

It was early afternoon and the store was full of crying, or tantruming, babies and toddlers.  I couldn't go anywhere to escape the constant crying.  And people wonder why I don't want kids.  The kids needed a bottle and a nap, but that would mean their parents would have to shop later. 

I got cat food, some TV dinners for Ron, the usual.  I made my deposit for my health in$urance.  Also known as "My crappy HMO plan".  At least my Doc is the decider in all that.  He is cool, I trust him with my health (and Ron's).  I also threw in enough to cover my cell phone because that is coming up sooner than I think. 

I got everything I had come for - including organic milk.  My aunt had talked me into getting it.  She said she gives it to the grandchildren and it lasts forever. 

If nothing else I would rather get milk from a humanely treated animal, not some poor thing from a factory farm.  So I got the last gallon in whole milk. 

It's good to see the organic milk is selling. 

I looked for the soda.  Strange things live together in my shopping cart, at Walmart.  They had cream soda but they did not have strawberry or grape.  I told Ron. 

I got ready to check out.  I picked what looked like a good line, behind two ladies wearing head scarves and speaking in another language. 

And the older one started haggling about all the prices of everything she wanted to buy.  Sigh.  I didn't show any frustration or irritation, because I figured she wanted me to get upset.  I called Ron and cheerfully chattered about all my purchases. 

The old lady sent the manager off for a price check, insisting her luggage item was $2 cheaper than it was scanning.  Then she spent the whole time complaining it was taking too long! 

The manager came back with a slightly smaller bag, explaining that this was the cheaper bag.  Did she want to pay $2 more for the larger bag, or get the cheap one?  She chose the cheap one. 

The "daughter" seemed used to this, patiently waiting with her empty travel bottles and a package of pull-ups.  The mother paid for everything and then they finally left. 

I told the cashier I really liked how she handled everything.  She gave me a variation of "I'm just doing my job".  Still, not an easy job. 

I got all my stuff bagged up and tried to fit the cat food (I bought another case of Fancy Feast canned salmon pate), but it ripped the bag.  I eventually got it into my reusable tote bag. 

Time to go. 

Ron called dispatch, because our ride home was going to be over half an hour late.  They actually managed to fix that.  Someone came within a few minutes.  Color me shocked. 

We got home and I put away all the cold things, ate some cookies, had a very large glass of my "old" milk, and took my medication.  Then I tried lying down but it was too late in the day.  I gave up and got up. 

I love my sleep, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  Our yard looks fantastic, though. 

Tomorrow we go to work and fill 'em up.  The boss is coming so we will make sure they look as good as possible.  He has to pick up a couple months' worth of accounting paperwork for our audit. 

Not a big deal, it happens every year.  We were going to work tomorrow night but that won't happen. 

We might work Friday night, instead.  We like working a night shift (later evening) now and then.  The customers like it and we don't have to worry about managers in "our" hallway with our refrigerator (we chill all the bottled drinks before we sell them).  The other vendor is also absent, so Ron isn't falling over their stuff either. 

It works for us. 

It's funny, back in my early days of working I used to wish for a day shift with weekends off.  Now I think, ew, rush hour traffic.  Give me odd hours please.  Everyone is out on the weekends, shopping and doing whatever.  I'd much rather have a couple of weekdays off instead. 

Our driver can only help us on Saturday so we do a lot of work then, too. 

So now I'm back to nights and weekends. 

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