Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A lot about my freezer

Sorry I didn't get to you yesterday, I was just wiped out. 

I got up, went to the warehouse, and bought stuff for work.  Not a lot, enough to fit in a large tote bag.  I also got some popcorn (already popped and flavored) just to see what they think. 

We went to work and stocked.  I realized I had forgotten the Snickers.  [facepalm]  Agh!  I put Almond Snickers instead.  It will hold them for a few days. 

I should add, here, I had full rows of Snickers in two out of my three snack machines.  It's just #3 that is "out" - well, almost, yesterday. 

I did everything with Ron, got it all stocked, and we went home.  I took a short nap. 

I got up, got my reusable tote bags together, and went to Walmart.  I did my weekly shopping.  I was happy, and annoyed, when I got to the milk. 

I was happy the organic whole milk was sold out.  That's great that people are considering what they put in their bodies.  I was annoyed the whole milk was sold out.  I bought 1% instead. It will work. 

Ron wanted gallon ziplocks, pineapple juice, apple juice, and a couple of "Steak and Corn" TV dinners.  When I check his blood sugar, it's fine, so I don't worry about him. 

I got some cookies.  I have plenty of sandwich fixings in the fridge, and frozen TV dinners in the freezer.  Ron bought five value burgers to freeze, and eat later. 

We don't have a deep freeze, just the standard "came with the fridge" freezer.  The icemaker broke last year, cost us over $600 (we had to fix a plumbing thing that was related), and still isn't fixed, so it's pretty crowded in there with the ice trays and all. 

When we get another fridge, I don't want an icemaker.  They break, they leak, they are expensive.  I would rather just use ice trays.  Ron says an icemaker makes him feel "rich" - well, you'd better be, to have one!   I don't want to deal with the hassle and drama again.  I hardly ever use ice anyway. 

We'll see how that one plays out.  Currently the fridge is working.  It makes some odd noises now and then but everything is still cold. 

We came home.  We had a nice driver.  I like her.  She says Biscuit is "sexy".  I really enjoy her. 

I put everything away that I could, and pretty much went right to bed. The day just wiped me out.  Even #6 playing outside couldn't deter me from my rest. 

I think of all the things I used to do before medication, and on lower doses, and I get sad and resentful.  I shouldn't have to drag my tired butt around like a 90 year old lady.  I know some 90 year old ladies with more energy then me! 

But, it's the price I pay.  Do I want to end up like my mother, drinking my troubles away?  Married 7 times?  Plus boyfriends?  No.  Do I want to end up like other family members who are constantly posting drama?  No.  Do I want to hallucinate and get delusional?  No.  Well, then. 

So I gag down another handful of medication, wondering why God has to use me this way.  He didn't want me with more energy? 

It's a mystery to me. 

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