Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2 beers and a taco

Well, the big rain front was supposed to come in this afternoon. 

We planned our whole day around this fact; out in the morning, home in the afternoon. 

The big rain front arrived this morning. 

I slept in until about 8, actually woke up a little before the alarm.  I fed Biscuit, brushed my teeth, did my usual morning care routine (brush my hair, take a shower, brush my hair again and put it in a ponytail, etc.).  I got dressed and did my God Time. 

Torbie joined me.  She's my old lady cat, a mixture of brown tabby, orange, and black.  She has a white chin and big green eyes.  She's pretty heavy, even after a couple months of dieting, but we're working on it. 

She shed all over my pants, of course, but that's why I bought the lint brushes.  We had a good time. 

Done with that, I posted in my "Read the Bible in a Year" "blog" and watched a little TV.  That's when I found out the storm was coming sooner, rather than later. 

It was supposed to come at 9, but it waited until after we were already at the taqueria eating breakfast.  It rained pretty hard for about an hour, then cleared up. 

Ron had 2 beers and a taco.  I had a shrimp quesadilla and a large diet coke with lime wedges in it.  It was very good. 

We talked a little and planned tomorrow.  Ron grumbled about the rain, which honestly wasn't that severe in our part of town, and was happy when it ended. 

It was nice and dry when our ride home arrived.  He (the driver) was a nice man with gold teeth, smiling a lot and very friendly.  He got us home quickly. 

We got in right as it started raining again.  Since I had taken "everything" pill wise (except my antioxidants), I took a nap.  Biscuit joined me (the white and gray neuter).  We had a good nap with him sleeping on my leg.  It was very sweet. 

It rained during my entire nap, not really severe but pretty hard at times.  It would stop, another wave would come in, and it would start again. 

I finally got up and watched a little TV.  Torbie begged for treats, which I didn't give her, and she ended up eating cat food.  That's the idea. 

I am happy to report she eats a lot more canned food. When I first started putting it out, she wouldn't touch it.  However, after Ron had the back surgery, I was so busy sometimes I forgot to feed the cats.  She "had" to eat the wet food if she wanted to eat, and now she's got a taste for it. 

I'm generally not an advocate of starving an animal into eating a particular food, but in her case it worked.  Baby Girl and Biscuit always liked canned food anyway. 

So, I'm done for now.  I took in the garbage can.  The side yard was really muddy and I got stuck a few times, got mud on my freshly washed capris, so I rinsed my feet, and them, off in the bathtub before I put the pants in the wash pile. 

Now I'm going to tweak the blog a bit.  I would like to put the slideshow back.  I feel it adds a lot in explaining who I am. 

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