Sunday, March 5, 2017

Chore day

Today is chore day.  I got to sleep in late, 9 AM, took my shower and did my God time.  I am on a thread "Read your Bible in a year" which you know I do anyway.  I am supposed to share my insights every day so I do that as well. 

Right now, I am the only one in the thread, so it's almost like another blog. 

I won't leave you, though. 

I ate cookies for breakfast and drank a diet Mountain Dew.  I took my pills. 

I watched Star Wars for a while on TV and Ron woke up.  He started drinking and said he was going back to sleep.  OK. 

I decided to take a nap.  It didn't stat out too well.  See, we have had off and on rain all day, no thunderstorms, just rain.  The rain stopped for a while and one of my neighbors decided to play loud music from his car. 

I couldn't tell who it was, but it wasn't #19.  I think it was someone on my street.  It started raining again and they turned it off. 

Then I got my nap.  I had strange dreams. 

I woke up about 3:30 and started on the laundry.  I mix the load and then use a color catcher in a lingerie bag.  That way the colors don't run. 

I had a pretty full load, both Ron's and my stuff.  I have to get the cat hair off his clothes, and then pretreat the stains, which are many. 


I'm back.  I had to file the monthly accounting report online, set the washer to a clean cycle, move the wet clothes into the dryer (not in that order), etc.  Now I'm going to order a pizza. 


I ordered pizza.  I like the thin crust with extra sauce and salami with pepperoni, maybe feta cheese.  I put extra cheese on it, too. 

I can eat "off" it for a couple of days, at least. 

Well, that's it.  I have to go to bed early tonight. 

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