Monday, March 27, 2017

Thanks a lot

Well, I'm not queasy any more.  Earlier today, I bought a bag of chips and put them, along with my crocheting, in a plastic bag on the back of Ron's wheelchair. 

I finally asked Ron why he was washing his garbage.  He wastes soap and water doing this.  It's trash, why are you washing it?  Oh, he said, he didn't want to attract roaches.  1.  The container has an airtight lid and 2.  You don't think the cat poop, used tampons, and half-eaten cans of cat food won't attract bugs?  It's pointless and a waste of dish soap.  He has used an entire 2 quart "thing" of dish soap washing his garbage.  "I'll buy you more" but I think I got him thinking about that at least. 

I went looking for the chips, because eventually I will feel better and get my appetite back.  I asked Ron what happened to them.  He blew up, shouted at me (with me politely reminding him I have a bad headache and asking him not to do so), and just generally acted like a jerk.  He didn't get physical but that's about all he did that was right. 

So, I have a migraine.  After he is done shouting at me Ron decided to play his music at full blast.  I am sure he is waiting for me to come in there and ask him to stop.  I won't.  It's just the same old stuff, he will get bored of it eventually and turn it off. 

I am SO sick of Ron's music.  He is always shoving it down my throat, and I never return the favor.  I make sure, when I'm listening to my music, that he can't hear it in the next room.  If he complains he can hear the bass, I turn it down even more. 

The man.  Does not.  Respect me.  I went to work so sick I vomited, and he's angry because I asked him what happened to my bag of chips.  Now he's going to torture a person with a migraine (I am starting to feel a little better but I won't tell him that - as far as he knows I am in excruciating pain and he is blasting loud music and shouting at me).  Classy. 

Ugh, I am so disgusted. 

I know some of this is the head injury but he always has these tantrums when he thinks I am "attacking" him.  "Where are my chips?  They were on the back of the wheelchair?" is not an attack.  It is a simple question.  One I would have liked answered. 

As near as I can figure, he probably drank to a blackout and got "sick of all this crap on my wheelchair" and threw away the bag, with the crocheting and the chips in it. 

Thanks a lot. 

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