Sunday, March 26, 2017

"I don't open those cans"

I slept in this morning, until 10.  Biscuit tried to wake Ron up to get breakfast, but Ron declined.  "I don't open those cans". 

I did, when I got up.  Dry and wet food served up, one happy kitty with his tail in the air.  Aren't they so cute when they're happy and stick their tail in the air?  I just love that. 

I took my medication and did my God Time.  I wanted to make sure I was pretty clear when I talked to God. 

My reading did get me thinking, though.  In the "olden days" God did not want the Israelites to interact with their "unsaved" neighbors.  In fact, marriage between the two groups was strictly forbidden.  In the New Testament, we find an injunction not to be "unequally yoked" which applied to marriage in that context, don't marry an unbeliever. 

Take it from me, a woman married to a guy who often acts like an unbeliever, it's a world of pain.  I can't imagine knowing my spouse was going to hell.  Awful.  Better not to start the relationship to begin with. 

It got me thinking about friends of mine and who is saved and who isn't.  When someone says "God and I are on good terms" that really means "Shut the hell up about all that God stuff, Heather."  Do I spend the same amount of time with this person, or less?  I'll have to think on that. 

The rest of my friends, including online, are saved.  I know you readers are a mix of religious standpoints and I appreciate the attention.  I know I must seem pretty strange at times. 

After my God Time, I took a shower and shaved my legs.  I wasn't in a rush to go anywhere so I figured today would be a good day.  That accomplished, I headed off to do up my medication. 

Every 2 weeks, I sort out my medication.  I have to take 2 Wellbutrin in the morning, and 4 Lithium, 1 Depakote, and 1 Haldol in the evening.  I also take supplements, like calcium/magnesium/zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, etc.  So, twice a month I have to sit down with my two, pills of the week organizers.  I have to put the medication into the little compartments for morning or evening.  I do this until I am done. 

I have a plastic box for all my supplements and medication.  As I "do" the medication, I take it out of the box and put it on the floor.  When the box it empty, I'm done. 

Done!  Yay!  That is one of the more tedious aspects of my illness, but I can't always remember to take the pill out of the prescription bottle.  Better to do it this way. 

Doc doesn't care as long as I'm taking everything, everyday.  That would have been a good title "Everything, everyday". 

Then I did the litter boxes.  Ron's box (he doesn't use it [grin], it's just in his room), smelled pissy even after we took out the clumps, so I dumped it and washed the box.  Boy, that was some hot and careful work.  My feet got wet in the tub, working, and as I stepped out on the tile floor I almost slipped a couple times.  Yike. 

I decided to try to take a nap, but remember the tree guy from yesterday?  Yeah.  He came by today with his crew (none of them legal, I bet), and fired up the chainsaw.  I did manage to get a little rest with Biscuit, who slept on my legs. 

When I got up I checked the mail and found something for #2.  I gave that to him and told him I liked how they had trimmed the oak tree. 

I think the landlord got a letter from the insurance company.  They did that with us "Cut the overhanging branches or we won't pay for any roof damage".  They (#2) also had some low hanging branches that liked to "attack" people going to check their mail.  That's all gone now.  It looks very nice, sort of upswept.  It's a live oak tree, we have a lot of them in Houston. 

All day I have heard the sounds of power equipment as people tend their yards.  My jasmine is blooming and smells lovely.  I only wish we went in and out the front door.  We use the garage now to provide protection for the cats.  It was mostly sunny and lovely 70-80 degree weather. 

Tomorrow, I hear it is supposed to rain, which is probably why everyone is doing their yards today.  I checked the weather, it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Wednesday.  Pretty severe, they are saying, on Wednesday. 

I have to get up at 4 AM tomorrow so I'm going to bed shortly.  Hopefully the neighbors will be quiet and "let" me sleep. 

I always try to be quiet when I am leaving so they can sleep.  I wish some of them would return the favor. 

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