Friday, March 31, 2017

A lot about food

I hope my pants fit tomorrow. We had the day off, I got up around 7 and got ready to go.  We went to Carl's Junior for breakfast.  I like their breakfast burger, as I've said. 

Ron tried their spicy chicken strips.  He liked them pretty well.  On the way home, though, we had another pickup. 

We went off a busy road and entered a medical office center's parking lot.  The driver had the windows down.  I could smell smoking meat and it smelled really good.  I looked and saw a smoker belching out lovely gray smoke. 

Ron and I agreed, it smelled really good.  When the driver came back around on the busy street, I looked.  I saw a Pupusa place/bakery and a BBQ place, one that had been suggested to us by a driver. 

One day we're going to learn not to follow the drivers' suggestions.  We have been to so many bad barbeque places based on their suggestions, I wish we could get our money back. 

Anyway, we went home.  I took my pills with some milk, because it had been a while since the breakfast burger.  I almost got queasy so I was glad I had drunk the milk. 

I had a pretty good nap and woke up at 1:30.  I was sleeping with Torbie so I enjoyed that for a while, and got up around 2.  I did my God Time.  Torbie joined me for some of it.  We had a good time. 

Chuck was coming at 3.  He and Ron had planned to go to the "new" BBQ place.  It smelled so good, Ron felt it belonged in his "list".  He is allowed a list of 20 places.  If he wants, he can call the reservation line and schedule trips for himself, off the list, between 5 AM and 5 PM, I think.  If he wants to go somewhere not on the list, he has to call reservations, which is problematic. 

Chuck arrived and we got there.  It was a bar, that also served BBQ.  A bar and grill.  Nothing wrong with that except Ron has drinking issues.  He did not drink today.  Not at the location, at least. 

It was small and crowded.  They ignored us for minutes after we arrived, terrible customer service.  Prices seemed kind of high.  I decided I would get a pupusa. 

Pupusas are really good Central American food.  They are hard for me to describe so I will let Wikipedia do it.  I ordered 3.  I was hungry.  They also had a bakery.  I bought something that looked really lovely and flaky, and a sugar cookie.  The sugar cookie tasted like real butter. 

The only problem I have found with pupusas, is the fact that they tend to stay at molten hot temperatures for quite a while after preparation.  I took my takeout back to the bar and watched Ron eat the ribs.  He was not impressed, fatty and not very well smoked.  I had a bite of my pupusa, burning my tongue in the process, it was delicious. 

A good bean and cheese pupusa has a lovely thread of cheese running through it, holding the bean together.  The filling is primarily "bean" though.  I ordered the bean and cheese.  They also make a pork, bean, and cheese but I like just the beans and cheese. 

It came with condiments, some funny looking coleslaw and bags of hot sauce.  If I wanted.  I didn't. 

Ron finished his food, I cleaned him up, and we came home.  I ate 2 of the pupusas, which were still hot even though it was a good half hour.  They were "eating temperature" though.  I had a good time eating them.  The outside was mildly crispy and they held together well while I ate them.  Nothing worse than food falling all over my clothes when I'm eating!  That's the only problem with my beloved "Fried egg on a hamburger" meals, the bun invariably falls apart, dropping condiments all over me. 

I still have the third pupusa, which barely fits into the takeout container.  I ate the flaky thing, very good but a lot of crumbs, and the butter/sugar cookie, also really good. 

Mexican pastries look good, but tend to be dry and not have any real sugar.  We would call most of them "dinner rolls with a little sugar on top".  Salvadoran pastries are, from what I see, very like American ones except with nice little twists. 

Stuffed, I took my pills.  No worry about nausea with this meal.  I drank the last of my diet decaf tea and watched a little TV.  The whole outing took a while because of the traffic. 

I got a business card and had Ron change the address in his list from the BBQ/bar to the Salvadoran pastry/pupusa place.  Ron liked the bite I gave him, he likes pupusas but probably not as much as I do.  I am sure he would be happy to go with me, though. 

We decided to stay home tomorrow night.  We have tons of food already. 

I just need to feed Biscuit and clean out the litter boxes (in that order).  I have been thinking I need to reduce the amount of food I'm giving the cats.  All 3 get a combined amount of 1 cup dry and 2 cans.  They are all still fat.  Torbie and Baby Girl have lost some weight, but Biscuit is still as jiggly as ever. 

I'm thinking to cut it back to 1/3 of a cup twice a day and 2 cans.  I don't think it's going to hurt them and if they start looking bony I can just add more food.  You have to remember, though, the last time I had them weighed both Biscuit and Torbie were well over 14 pounds each. 

I just want to get them to a healthier weight, with a little fat left over for a reserve in case Ron and I got hurt in an accident, or they got sick.  But not so much they have a big wattle of fat hanging down from their bellies like they do now.  Sometimes I will play with the wattle on Biscuit, flipping it back and forth while he looks at me.  He lets me do it, usually. 

Biscuit is unusual for a cat, in that most of the time he lets me play with his tummy.  Baby Girl used to let me pet her tummy when she was more of an outside cat.  She would come up to me and flop on the sidewalk or driveway, exposing her tummy, and I would rub it for a while.  When she was done, she would get up and leave.  Torbie, as a rule, generally doesn't like me to play with her tummy but I will feel her belly if a cat gets into bed with me in the middle of the night.  Torbie has a double wide belly, whereas Biscuit is more of a "singlewide".  She will let me do that. 

Tomorrow, though, I need to go to work and get everything stocked.  #6 may or may not have a party tomorrow night.  It's unclear.  I will try to get a nap if at all possible. 

#2 still isn't working.  He just washes his car, washes his driveway, and talks on the cell phone in front of his house, wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  I don't know if he doesn't "need" to work, has a job starting sometime in the future, is still looking, or is just living off his wife.  It isn't my business. 

I am curious, though.  At least he is still quiet. 

That's it for now.  Have a good weekend! 


Spankadoo said...

Is #2 married to someone who works? Could he work from home? Keep us posted I am curious. I love Salvadoran food and pastries! O love the pupusas cheese and loroco ( it is a herb flower that flavors the cheese) and bean and cheese ...I love them all! I "like" the slaw .ok....I love the ensalada drink! Yummy now I want a pupusa

mamawowl said...

What kind of food (brand) do your cats get? curious as we just got a kitten!!

Have you tried the weight maintenence cat food out there?

Heather Knits said...

I feed them Blue Wilderness Salmon. They really like it. Then I also feed cans of Fancy Feast Salmon pate.

My vet says wet is "better" so I feed it, but they like the dry too.

My experience with "special" cat foods led to cats not eating and me throwing it out, so I didn't even look. I think as long as I'm feeding less, they will lose weight. They are losing some weight.

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