Thursday, March 23, 2017

something Yellow

I think Ron had a blackout last night.  He wasn't abusive per se, but he did keep waking me up. 

Sleep deprivation is very bad for me.  Morning came, I still had to get up.  But I did rearrange my God Time for later. 

I took my shower and got ready.  We went to the pet store.  We had the control freak driver again.  I wonder why we keep getting him.  I think he has OCD. 

We arrived and got Ron unloaded.  We went to the Kolache Factory and got some Kolaches.  Ron got cheesesteak, I got cream cheese. 

Then we went to Starbucks (I am not a fan of their politics but Ron likes the drinks).  I left Ron there and went to the pet store. 

First in, I ducked a large puddle of urine.  Yuck.  People wonder why I don't have dogs, this is one reason.  They don't seem to have good bladder control, based on what I see at the pet store. 

I looked at the cats.  They had some cute ones up for adoption, but my favorite was the fluffy calico.  Of course, she would require a lot of grooming.  They can get mats if you're not diligent and I can barely keep up with the litter. 

I went to the cat food section and found my brand (Blue Wilderness Salmon).  They had good codes, over a year.  I bought 3 because Ron hates shopping for cat food. 

He hates waiting at Starbucks while I shop for cat food, and called me a "bitch" this morning when I told him I still wanted to go.  Nice. 

I called him and asked if he wanted anything.  He said maybe toys, but the cats' favorite toy seems to be the live thing they drag in through the catio.  They love live things, not so much "dead" toys, no matter how I wiggle them. 

I told him this and he agreed.  He said he didn't want treats so we skipped them. 

I checked out, ducking another puddle of dog urine.  I got $6 off with my reward card, nice.  I have to buy the food anyway, if I can get a discount I'll take it.  I don't care if they track my shopping patterns. 

I put all 3 bags of cat food (5 pounders) into my tote bag and walked back to Starbucks.  I arrived and checked in with Ron. 

I saw something yellow out of the corner of my eye.  Rather, something Yellow (cab).  I went out and verified it was for us.  I got Ron out there and we loaded him up.  I put the cat food by my feet.

We came home.  Ron said he would like me to roll down the exterior blinds.  I did that. 

I laid down.  I have to get up at 2 AM tomorrow and I didn't sleep well last night.  I don't want to get manic because - or more depressed, because I was sleep deprived. 

I kept hearing banging noises.  The blinds were hitting the side of the house.  I got up, got dressed, and went out there.  I fixed it pretty well. 

Then, an hour later, just as I was falling asleep, Ron woke me up and told me to please roll UP the blinds, because we had a storm coming in and he didn't want to hear them banging all night.  So I got dressed, got up, and did it. 

I wasn't too happy about it but I didn't blame Ron.

I went back to bed, AGAIN.  #6 made a lot of banging and rearranging (they are having a party on Saturday) noises directly outside my bedroom.  I did manage to get a little sleep, though, because I eventually woke up at 4:30. 

I did my God time and turned on the computer.  I have to go to bed pretty soon so that's it for now. 

Here's to hoping I get a good quality of sleep tonight. 

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Spankadoo said...

Amazon sells your cat food ...i buy my dog food it is easier and costs about the same and always a good date..check the dealI know you like getting out but the cat food run sounded painful
Huge hug and cheers to a full night sleep

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