Monday, March 13, 2017


As I age, my cycle has become less heavy.  Usually.  This time we went "old school classic" and I had to double my protection with a tampon and a pad. 

I woke up depressed, I didn't feel like I slept well last night.  I took my shower and did my God Time later.  Now and then I think of formally doing my God time later in the day but then I have a conflict with Ron. 

I got dressed and we went to work.  I wore my new fannypack, which didn't get in the way.  The machines weren't too bad so I filled what I could and helped Ron. 

Every couple of weeks, I buy myself (with my own money) a case of Zevia soda.  It has no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, and no sugar.  It tastes very good, but it's not cheap. 

I drink a couple of cans every day I'm at work.  I like something cold and bubbly, but I don't need the caffeine.  The sweetener thing is just a bonus. 

We went to the bank after work.  One of our favorites was back, so we went to her.  She was really nice. 

Ron spent some of his money on a cab to take us home.  It came fast.  When we got home I had a snack and took my medication.  Then I took a nap. 

I had a nightmare I was back living in my Dad's house.  I've always known Dad would take a bullet for me, it dealt with other people.  The old "I can't get out of here" nightmare.  It also had a little of "packing for a trip" which amusingly meant I was bringing all my bedding wherever I was headed.  I have a cotton bedspread, a fleece blanket, and a wool blanket.  A little bulky, but in the dream I was determined to bring it all along.  It's funny, because he sold that house over 20 years ago. 

I also woke up with a headache, which meant I had to take some aspirin, which means probably more bleeding.  So be it.  The headache is gone. 

I am pretty impressed with aspirin for headaches.  My pharmacist told me it is better to use it than the other headache medications.

It's also a lot cheaper. 

After I got up, I did my God Time.  I was tired.  I was depressed (even after my God Time).  I didn't even want to get on the computer, so I went back to bed for an hour. 

Then I watched reruns on TNT while I ate some chips.  Now I'm going to bed. 

We have tomorrow off.  It should be more "fun".  I hate the depression. 

The medication took my manias and dialed down my depressions, but I still have the depression without even a mania now. 

Not that I miss them much, they were exhausting. 

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