Friday, March 3, 2017

What rest I can, tonight

"I need to cut back on the drinking" Ron said to me, this morning. 

I perked up.  That's something I always want to hear.  I asked him why. 

"Because I ate a handful of cat treats last night.  Once I realized what I had done I had a handful of mints and some Asian mix." 

I had a very hard time keeping my laughter at a minimum.  I asked if I could put it in the blog.  At first he said no, but he changed his mind later. 

"I had 3 cups last night" he told me.  "I'm only having 2 cups tonight" (a cup is a 2 ounce shot glass).  Good, I hope he did. 

The other vendors clutter up our work area when they're working.  Ron wanted to avoid all that and go in to work later, after they left (they work M, W, Friday mornings).  So, I got to sleep in. 

I got up with a moderate headache around 3, and took some aspirin and went back to bed.  When I woke up a few hours later, I felt much better. 

I ate a protein bar with a glass of milk.  For a long time, I couldn't drink milk after the food poisoning in 2004.  That was about the sickest I've ever been in my life.  I lost 15 pounds in 2 days.  I was sick for weeks. 

And I got sick the day we bought the house.  Talk about spiritual warfare! 

The day we moved into the house, Baby Girl the First got sick, and died the next day.  Hopefully I will have a lot less drama moving into my heavenly home. 

But I can drink milk now, so I did. 

I took a shower and did my God Time.  I still didn't need to shave my legs. 

I tried to take a nap but I kept hearing a dog yapping.  I think it was coming from #2 aka "No pets in the lease".  If I can catch them with the dog, I will contact the landlady.  Or, maybe not.  So far they are quiet.  Except for the dog! 

I just hate barking dogs.  So annoying. 

We went to work.  Things were pretty wiped out so I stocked snacks and helped Ron with sodas.  For a change, he had to do a lot for sodas.  I finished my work and helped him stock the bottled vendor.  Then we left. 

We rode with a driver we know very well.  She had a slow client up front and a dialysis client in the back.  Ron had to ride in the wheelchair compartment.  The ride wasn't too rough, though. 

Ron was stuck in the back compartment, with no shocks (they take them out to make room for the wheelchair ramp).  We rode around for about an hour before we got home. 

When I got out of the vehicle, I saw all kinds of mayhem next door at #6.  I think they're getting ready for tomorrow's party.  Later on, I found 3 soccer balls in my yard.  I'll return them tomorrow morning before we leave.  At 6 in the morning. 

I fed the cats, and scrounged up something to eat.  The Dominos deep dish pizza is not as good as the thin crust.  I wish I had bought 2 thin crusts instead of a deep dish.  I ate some of the pizza, had a couple cookies, and drank yet another glass of milk. 

I used to get wracking abdominal cramps and frantic trips to the bathroom whenever I had a dairy product.  Now I'm fine. 

I just had to give my body time to heal. 

No, I never sued the restaurant that made me sick.  Ron talked me out of it, said it could have happened to anyone, "It was just a bad egg in the mix".  So I didn't. 

I never went to the hospital, either.  We didn't have insurance and I figured I would just have to fight it off. anyway.  I was right. 

Ron kept me watered and emptied the commode bucket for me (now that's a man!), until I felt better.  The one time I ate at the restaurant chain since, I refused to order any egg products. 

So, tomorrow is truck day.  I am 90% certain #6 will have a party, as well.  It's supposed to rain but I don't think that will stop them.  Nothing really stops them. 

Well, that other neighbor firing a gun during their midnight weekday "church service" with the guy screaming at the top of his lungs - that stopped them.  They never had another service after that. 

I wish I could kiss whoever did that.  Yes, I know they broke laws but it needed to be done.

#10 is up for rent.  He (the landlord, I happily know most of the landlords on the block) generally rents to quiet, quality people.  I don't give a flying shit about their race, but I hate loud, ignorant, anythings.  He doesn't rent to loud and ignorant - at least he hasn't.  I will have to pray for him to find the right people. 

I got so excited when I saw the sign.  I thought #8 was moving out.  #8's kid actually hit me because I wouldn't let him open my mailbox one night.  I was shocked.  He also has a vicious pit bull (it tried to attack me when I was weeding my yard one day) he breeds, and a little yappy dog he lets run loose and crap all over the place.  The last #10 was great, and here's the highest compliment: I had to look at the driveway to see if anyone was home.  That's a good neighbor. 

At any rate, I need to go to bed.  I may not get a nap tomorrow and they will almost certainly have a loud-late-night party, so I had better get what rest I can, tonight. 

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