Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday off

Yesterday was a long day.  After work, I had to do a bunch of accounting stuff for our audit.  By the time I finished I went to bed. 

Today I slept in, until 7!  I took a shower and did my God Time.  I looked out the back window and saw another broken board on my back fence.  I was a little peeved at he people behind us.  Their dog, or kid, is breaking these boards.  They have a clear impact crack in them. 

I got dressed and went out back.  I picked up the old broken wheelbarrow and propped it against the bad spot, getting mud all over my freshly-washed jeans.  I wasn't happy about that.  I took out the garbage, too. 

I got back in the house and did God knows what.   A couple minutes later Ron woke up and I went into his room.  I looked out the back window. 


The broken board had been replaced with a  fresh board.  Apparently they woke up and saw it, and decided to fix it.  Even better, after my nap, they fixed the other board, the one that was on my side.  They must have come in my yard to do it but I'm fine with that. 

They are back on the good neighbor list. 

I don't want their vicious dog (even the mail lady is terrified of it) getting into my property and apparently neither do they. 


Ron came into the kitchen and started drinking, and had a blackout while sitting on the kitchen floor.  He made a lot of noise during my -attempted- nap.  So did some neighbor playing music from their car, various birds, and the yappy little dog next door at #2 (I heard it running along the fence so it is there). 

NOT a good nap.  I did get a little rest though, and Biscuit got up on me for a while.  He likes to lay on my legs while I'm sleeping, purring.  It's very nice.  I really enjoyed it. 

I got up and finished the laundry.  I put away all my clothes.  I cleared out my reusable shopping bags so I could do some shopping tomorrow. 

I also made a stack of soynut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat over the next couple days.  I made a couple extra for my dinner and had them with a tall glass of milk. 

When I was a teenager, we drank the milk so fast I never knew it could go bad. 

Ron woke up and needed to find his cell phone, which I did.  Now I just need to clean the litter boxes. 

Fun fun! 

It was supposed to rain all day but it never did.  We have a lot going tomorrow so I may not post, but I'll let you know what happened eventually.  I just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow, or at least not too much. 

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Spankadoo said...

I thought of you they just had a huge recall of soynut butter look online?
How nice the neighbors fixed the boards. I bet he saw it happened and thought "OH SHIT" !

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