Saturday, October 1, 2016

Only a snake could sit in the wheelchair

Everyone has that person in their lives, as annoying as vinegar and abrasive as sandpaper. 

I had a run in with mine today.  We went to the warehouse, got supplies, and then came to work.  I go in the building to get my carts, and bring them out to the truck. 

Ron keeps his work wheelchair chained up to a table at work.  The tables are the "McDonald's" kind with attached chairs that cannot be moved.  Each table has 4 chairs affixed to it, but some have extra table extending out so a person in a wheelchair can sit at the table, too.  Ron has his wheelchair chained to one of those tables. 

Things tend to "walk off" if not nailed down so it's important Ron chain it up.  I noticed it had been pulled out and turned at a right angle, so someone was sitting in the wheelchair again. 

Last time I saw this, the annoying woman was present, Ron and I griped a little, and she told us it was a post office chair.  No, it's not, we told her, it belongs to Ron and he doesn't want anyone sitting in it. 

We've had a couple of run-ins with her before.  Most notable was the time she stole some soda out of Ron's lap, while he was stocking, and walked out of the cafeteria.  I hunted her down and made her bring it back. 

She was angry at me because I "ruined the joke".  See, she was stealing it as a joke.  She wanted to see Ron get upset when he found it missing, that would be the punchline.  Ha ha ha.  Then, she said, she would have given it back.  If that's the case why was she walking down the hall with my soda?  She was quite angry when I used the word "steal" and insisted it was all a joke, I had no sense of humor, etc. 

If I could go back in time I would have told her I didn't see anyone laughing. 

I know someone at work.  We are friendly.  She is a very sweet lady I'll call "Gina".  Gina is always eager to help us and never complains.  She is a custodian.  Sometimes I buy muffins with my money and give them to her to share with her friends. 

On this particular day, Ms. Grumpy's husband asked for a chocolate muffin.  Gina gave him one.  The wife walked in and blew a gasket when she saw him eating the muffin.  She screamed at Gina.  Gina said "Hey, Heather gave them to me." 

"Who the hell is Heather?"  I waved and smiled.  She took a step towards me and then gave up, I think because her husband was doing the marital "Honey, shut up." thing.  I don't envy him one bit. 

I told Gina please don't ever give that man muffins again. 

Needless to say, I don't like her.  I understand being a strong woman but she is just abrasive and annoying.  She is a control freak and very unpleasant. 

Ron came in and saw his wheelchair.  She was sitting at the table.  "I wish fat @ss would stop sitting in my wheelchair!" Ron exclaimed. 

"Hey" Grumpy barks "That's not nice!  You shouldn't call her that." 

So, she knows who is doing it, and knowing it is Ron's chair, that Ron does not want anyone sitting in the chair, is still allowing it.  I assure you if she told someone to stop they would do it. 

No, she probably justified it for whatever reason.  And who the hell sits in someone else's wheelchair? 

If it's who I think it is, and there's only one large person in her clique, she's over 325 pounds. That's way too big for a chair with a 250 pound weight limit. 

Ron and I fixed it, though.  We chained it up in such a way that it stays folded, cannot be unfolded, and only a snake could "sit" in the wheelchair. 

I would love to see their faces when they try.  "Hey!  It don't work!" 

Sad we have to go to all of this.  Sad we even have to chain it up to begin with. 

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  I got everything stocked, helped Ron, and we came home. 

I took a nap for a couple hours, woke up with Biscuit lying on my leg.  He's a good boy. 

When I got up, I did my God Time and talked to my aunt. 

"I went behind your back" she said.  Uh. 

She arranged for a hotel near the hospital, if I want it they (she recruited my Dad) will take care of it, I just show up with my groceries. 

My first reflex, I don't want to leave my house. 

Second thought, it would be handy.  But I don't want to leave the cats for days. 

The litter box.  Feeding them.  Water, stuff like that.  Lovies. 

I do have a guaranteed ride to and from the hospital for at least a couple days.  So I should be OK. 

But I need to see how Ron does.  If Ron does well I can probably stay at home. 

If Ron does not do well I will probably want to be closer to him.  [sigh] 

We also need to finish the monthly report tomorrow and get the check mailed.... a lot of things to do. 

I am trying to rest up as much as possible, pick my battles, and eat a lot of protein.  Pray up.  Bring some evangelism stuff on Surgery Day. 

I will do my best to update you ASAP after surgery.  I think Blogger has a text option.  I'll do that. 


Anonymous said...

We hear you, it is amazing that some people can be so mean to disabled people. Compassion and empathy are lost in these times we live in.
I pray every day for God to see your needs, provide comfort, protection, and to hold you both in the "palm of his hand". Will pray for Ron and his healing needs, and comfort, safety, wisdom and a sense of peace these next few days.

Anonymous said...

what a bully that woman was she bullied Ron and you stood up for him

TAKE THE HOTEL have one night all to yourself in fresh sheets with a tv and order dinner do it!!!! honey please the kitties will be fine at least one night for yourself use all the soaps jump on BOTH BEDS eat snacks and watch tv in one bed then sleep in the other ...use the staitionary if htey still put it in there .see what they call "tourism" in your drawers are a tourist for a night in your area ...check the bible in the drawer leave a note to someone int in ...use every towel.. and leave everyhing on the floor then walk out feeling refreshed and rested
DO IT !!!! love and hugs Spank

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