Thursday, January 26, 2017

We need black cats

I got up early because we were going to Walmart.  I didn't want to get up, I was tired and wanted to sleep in.  But I got up. 

As it turns out, it's a good thing we were going to Walmart.  Ron checked our electric bill on the phone and they said it was overdue.  I checked the mail and found a nasty letter saying our "check" (electronic payment Ron attempted to make on Jan 6) "declined" etc. etc., they were going to cut off our electricity if we didn't fix it. 


We had the money in the account, I don't know what went wrong.  It is an ongoing problem with them, they always decline our electronic payments and now this. 

First toilet problems (we need to get that addressed, it isn't filling properly after we flush) and now this.  Thank God we were going to Walmart, who had a payment center. 

Our driver got to talking about cooking.  She apparently uses a lot of turkey necks in her cooking.  She also cooks her greens in chicken broth with a ham hock.  I'm not a fan of southern style greens, I prefer to braise them in a wok. 

She dropped us and I took Ron inside to the payment center.  We got the bill paid.  I left Ron near the door, and continued my shopping. 

While I was shopping, he talked to a guy at the electric company who reversed the $25 non sufficient funds charge, because we had the money, and also cut our rate in half.  Not bad. 

I just hope the credit posts to our account.  I'll feel a lot better when Ron tells me he heard it. 

I did my shopping and found myself in the clothes department.  I need some new bras, but I didn't think I had time (ha ha, more on that in a minute).  I looked in the men's tshirt department.  I found some cute, all (or mostly so) cotton t-shirts in my size. 

A man's tshirt has a longer hem because no one wants to see it raise up and show a hairy belly.  Women's tshirts have a much shorter "oops, I showed you my tummy!" (I hate that word, tummy) hemline.  Men's also have higher necklines.  Ron gets to enjoy my "fruits".  Just Ron.  I don't need validation from strange men, or men I know, panting down my cleavage.  If I wanted to I could put on a pretty good show but I just think that's inappropriate. 

So, I found 3 shirts and I got them.  They were about $5.50 each.  One was cheaper and says it is "performance fabric to wick away moisture" - might be good for Truck Day. 

I checked out and found Ron, who told me his good news.  He called Lou, who was helping an old lady this morning.  He called Jose, who said he could get there at 9:45.  By 10:05 Jose admitted he was still "25 minutes out" and implied we'd be better off with another driver. 

So we called Yellow cab.  I was worried, the last time I tried to get a ride home with Yellow Cab, from a Walmart, I ended up waiting 2 and a half hours before I gave up and called Chuck.  Part of my problem may have stemmed from the fact I did this on a Sunday. 

So, Ron called, me and my wife, and a small wheelchair, she will fold it and put it in the trunk.  We got a ride in about 5 minutes, I was shocked.  He asked us about the business so he must have had us before. 

He took us to our favorite taqueria (I made sure I only bought a few things, that could travel with us), gave us his number (we covet numbers - drivers who work in our area and willing to work with us), and left. 

Breakfast stared up at us from our plates just a couple minutes later.  I thought it was interesting the taqueria  had a sign saying "No animals".  I guess they have had a problem with people bringing in "pocket dogs" - the kind that fit in a purse.  Or maybe the health department made them do it. 

At any rate we ate pretty fast and called Michael (the guy who dropped us).  Ron went to voicemail.  We waited a couple minutes.  Nope.  Ron called Yellow again.  I wondered how long it would take, but again, a fast response from a nice driver. 

Excellent.  He was a nice guy and helped with the wheelchair.  He also made sure Ron got in the cab OK.  Ron looks a little wobbly getting in a vehicle, but he's only fallen once, and that was in front of my Dad. 

Ron has instructed me, if he ever falls, not to try to help him.  I'm to leave him alone and let him find his own way up again.  I'll do that. 

I just hope he won't be bleeding or anything.  But he's very careful so I won't worry overmuch.  I have a million things I can worry about and I'm trying to cut the list. 

We got home OK, Ron got in the wheelchair, we got another number, and I took my pills.  I took my nap shortly afterward. 

We have to get up at 2 AM tomorrow, I may not do a blog if I'm wiped out. 

I slept for a couple hours and actually woke up with some energy for a change.  I started sorting the clothes.  I took all the labels off my new stuff and put them in the wash, along with my clothes.  Then I got Ron's clothes. 

I start by lint-brushing all the cat hair off the clothes, because he wears black they really show up.  We need black cats.  Then I pretreat any stains (there are always stains) with shout gel, and then let the stain remover work for a good 15 minutes or so.  I arrange everything in the washer.  Since I do mixed loads of light and dark, I use a shout color catcher in there too.  I put it in a lingerie bag. 

I tried to get Ron out of his current clothes, which are pretty bad, but he said no, he was comfortable and wanted to sleep in them.  OK.  I guess he's sleeping in them.  My washer was pretty full anyway. 

I put 2 Tide PODS in the drum and hit the button.  I set it for "heavy" due to the stains on Ron's clothes.  It's working away right now. 

I have the nagging feeling I forgot to check my jeans pockets.  I know I did, I just have that feeling.  I know I did because I took everything out and put them in the jeans I am wearing. 

Now I need to buy Ron a new digital recorder and some headphones from Amazon.  He gave me some money for that. 

I still have some energy so I'll do that and then maybe finish shaving my legs - warm weather is coming and I want to be prepared. 

I have to go to bed at 6 so here's to hoping everything is quiet and I can sleep.  Worst case, I don't sleep until 8-9, I will get up at 2 and then take a nap when I get home.  I've done that before. 

We got an email from Ron's boss that he is auditing our last 2 reports.  He needs to get us the forms and then I can fill them out.  We have to do a spreadsheet on the money the machines made, allocate our expenses, stuff like that.  It's not hard but it's tedious and my handwriting is variable these days.  Some days it is very shaky (when I am not consuming caffeine) and other days it is nice and tidy.  It just depends on the moon, I guess. 

That's it for now.  My washer is almost done so I have to put everything in the dryer. 

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Anonymous said...

I do agree with Ron I am a nurse and was taught you never try to catch or help someone who is falling because it is as bad as letting someone grab you when they are drowning YOU WILL GO DOWN AS WELL ..unless they pass out then if we are behind we guided them down slowly like a slide from behind down like you are the slide but you go down with them ? Hard to explain but I figured as a nurse i had a lot of stuff around me to help them so why injure myself and not be able to take care of the never ending line.
Second if they are alert and trying to get up you may politely "offer a hand" and wait for them to tell you how to proceed then do what they want not what you think needs doing . There were times I would have someone in a wheelchair during their own transfer a bed I would offer assistance but if they were capable i talked to them fixed the covers and "stood by" if they tumbled I were "fine" I would offer again politely only if they were seeming to struggle but not "nag" . Someone in a wheel chair could have headache and not need a transfer and some nurses drove me nuts grabbing everything thinking they were so helpless . I figured what if they were good at home getting in in out of bed then I could show them the bed and actually leave and close the curtain for sure like anyone else. I think your advice of letting things you don't have to go through yourself "go" is a good thing and great for all of us . I love Chuck is your "brother wife " LOLOL I know you have such a dry sense of humor I read all your posts carefully because sometimes what I think might be a typo has me hysterical half way through the next paragraph when it hits.

Boy oh boy would I love some tacos today ! You got me thinking about a taqueria here I have not tried yet ..imagine that a new one not tried?


Thank you for not monetizing it is so generous of you to write this way I can enlarge the page and not have adds covering your words .
I am not sure what kind of profit you are missing out on but if you have 20k looking at your page could you be missing out ? The YouTube channels are earning money for Vloggers but not sure how lucrative that is and with how much hate they get it is horrible ..I like reading your blog it is "old school" and it helps my mind slow down there is enough stimulation ..i think folks are forgetting how to read. I do miss seeing you from time to time and know you said it was part your weight ..i get that but hope you reconsider I LOVED your haul videos you do get some amazing bargains and it is fun seeing you and the kitties

Sending love from an exhausted fan

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