Sunday, January 22, 2017

"This neighborhood has really gone downhill since I moved in"

Today was the kind of day I shouldn't have had. 

No, Ron was pretty tame for him, just his usual spewing negativity for minutes on end.  Ugh.  Toxic. 

Depressed as I am, I have to think Ron is worse. 

No, it was one of those "Days off and Ron didn't want to go anywhere so we just stayed home" days.  When we're depressed, I have to think that is not a good thing. 

I slept in until 9, and watched Law and Order reruns for a while as Ron raved about the dark and miserable nature of life.  It's impossible to shut him up because then he "points" it at me instead.  His tongue is a nasty weapon, let me tell you. 

That reminds me of a meme I saw.  It was a case of pastries, with tongs hanging outside the case. It said "Please do not use hands to pick up items.  Please use tongue"  That one always makes me grin. 

He sat on the floor, drinking vodka, "I hate this crap" and feeding treats to the cats.  What I find interesting is Ron's dread terror of me following in his footsteps. 

Years ago I tried a premade liquid protein "shot".  It was ghastly.  I spit it out and grabbed the first thing at hand, Ron's open bottle of vodka.  He started screaming at me not to drink, etc. I took a swig, swished it around in my mouth, and spit it out.  I wasn't going to drink it, I just wanted to kill the taste, but Ron was in an absolute panic.  He says he doesn't want to get in trouble with my family, but I think he's just afraid I will become an alcoholic. 

That's why I don't drink.  Why take a chance?  Not to mention alcohol interacts with my Haldol.  I've seen what alcohol did to me - maimed me for life.  That's enough right there.  I've seen what alcohol did to my husband.  I've seen what alcohol has done to others. 

I don't see any benefit to alcohol. 

NOT worth it.  Ever. 

I took a shower.  Since I've been wearing long jeans, I haven't shaved my legs in a while.  I felt a little bad about traumatizing the utility worker with my hairy legs last night (I was in my nightgown).  I gave an attempt at shaving my legs and got about half the hair off.  I thought it was interesting that Ron suggested Nair.  Ron isn't really "hairy" except for his beard, but he still knew about it.  I will keep razor shaving my legs until they go back to normal.  I didn't think it would be this hard to get them back. 

I was also curious to see what they looked like.  They have coarse, black, prickly, hair.  The hair on my arms is soft and fine.  I figured it would eventually switch over but I guess not. 

I got out of the shower (Ron was still complaining about life, and God) and did my God Time.  I didn't tell Ron what I was doing, it wasn't his business, but he still went on about how I love God so much and Ron "hates" Him.  Exhausting. 

We had a windstorm today too, which kept things chilly and miserable.  I think I heard the chair fly off the front porch earlier. 

After I did my God Time I decided to take a nap.  Ron was asleep and I might as well get some rest, too.  I slept pretty well but I had a nightmare about bees that woke me up. 

I got online and posted on my message boards, and checked Facebook.  A couple of people are sick, I hard about a couple planned dinners, and someone's relative's house is about to burn down in a wildfire. 

I heard #2 outside working, still fixing it up.  The previous tenants must have made a real mess. 

It's ironic, one day we were outside in our front yards, he looked around, and said "This neighborhood has really gone downhill since I moved in".  I was dying to agree with him - because HE had brought it down. 

Ron's up, and plans to start drinking again.  I will order some Chinese food, I think, take my meds, and go to bed as early as I can.  Ron's still complaining. 

He's the most ungrateful person I know. 

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Spankadoo said...

You are such a good writer I always feel "right there" wow you have a lot with that man period a LOT and because i have a LOT in mine as well I am tired with and for you

Ok second I know why Ron knows about Nair ..he grew up with sisters right? The shit stinks and "back in the day" it was really popular with woman to use it and brothers to make a HUGE deal about how bad it smelled trust me I still think it stinks but it used to be really bad do you remember? Between Tony perms and Nair growing up our homes got pretty stinky trying to look "Cute" (not me I shave too! And my hair is curly I used to iron it!)

So being blind I bet he could really smell his sisters when they started dressing up or dating? And the cheaper the worse!

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