Monday, January 9, 2017

The first time in 15 years.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night.  The new Depakote formulation is far cheaper and gives me more energy, but it also allows more anxiety as well. 

I woke up with a headache and hit the snooze alarm several times, opting to do my God Time later.  I did get up and take my shower.  It wasn't too cold this morning. 

I fed Biscuit and got dressed, all my usual morning routine.  I took some aspirin and ate a protein bar. 

We went to work.  Once I got the carts moved out of the stockroom, I tested the bottled vendor.  Ron told me to do a test vend (buy something) and give the item to a Postal Worker.  I found someone and asked what she would like.  She had a half drunk bottle of water on the table in front of her.  I figured she'd want a water.  Nope, she wanted a Sprite. 

I thought that was funny.  I probably just ruined someone's "Healthy eating, no soda" plan. 

The machines needed a little work but not too much.  I filled them up.  I am out of pretzels and debating if I want to bring them back.  They are a slow seller compared to something like jalapeno Cheetos, but they do sell slowly. 

I had one customer ask for change (they were doing a training so I had a lot of new people), which I did.  She bought a bag of the lime flavored peanuts, which are a good seller.  She ate a few and came bitching to me, "These are awful, give me that instead".  "That" being the Japanese peanuts.  I asked her what she thought she was buying when the got the lime peanuts, and she said "Plain, I want those plain peanuts".  I told her, I don't have any plain peanuts.  She still wanted a bag of Japanese peanuts, but I could tell it would be another "taste, reject, refund" if I did. 

I told her I wouldn't give them to her, but I would give her a refund.  I did that.  She ended up buying a bag of peanut M&M's instead.  Ron was upset (later) she was sampling the merchandise and then wanting refunds. 

I think I did the right thing.  "How often does this happen?" Ron demanded. 

"This is the first time in 15 years"

We finished up our work and even had time to "finally" mail the property tax, which came, in total, to just under $800.  Some of the tax is deferred. 

We added up Ron's medical bills, which came to a little under $2,000.  We'll get those later. 

Happily, no one bothered me when they saw me working.  Sometimes, they just see me "sitting down" and suddenly want to ask questions, or get change.  They don't see the checkbook and bills spread out in front of me, apparently. 

I got those mailed and went back to Ron.  We got the bucket of quarters (which will pay most of the property tax) into the carrying bag and someone asked for change again.  We did that. 

By now, they had all been in the cafeteria for over 15 minutes of a 30-minute lunch break.  Ron locked up the wheelchair and we got ready to leave, and another person asked us for change.  We said no, we had to go, the ride would leave us if we weren't out on time, and left.   All true. 

I didn't feel bad about it.  If he really wanted change he had 15 minutes to get it from us, but some people like to stop us when they see us leaving,  just so they can stop us. 

And, I'd say a good 80% of the time, they get the change from us, and then go buy something from the other vendor.  Where's the motivation in that?  However, if possible we always make change for the customers. 

I get a lot of tired old jokes about "going to the strip club, because I have $20 in $1 bills" from some middle aged men.  Other than that it is fine. 

I had a headache all day.  It was coming back. 

We went to the bank and did our deposit.  The clerk was happy we had our deposit slips.  She deposited the change into the account.  Boy, they make it hard to do deposits now. 

Chuck was saying another bank doesn't make it hard to do deposits into someone else's account, and to that I told him "Wait and see".  It is coming.  They say it is an anti-terror thing. 

I say, if someone wants to deposit into my account, let them.  Don't treat them like a criminal! 

We had a long wait before our ride home, so Ron called a cab to pick us up instead.  The driver works in the area of the bank.  He came in a couple minutes.  I loaded the wheelchair in the back (the driver is an older man) and off we went. 

We got home, unloaded, and into the house.  I took a nap.  I never got rid of the headache, even with the aspirin, and I had to change my tampon during the nap.  Apparently I'm at the heavy couple days stage of my cycle. 

I wonder how much longer I will have my period.  The girls at my primary Doctor's office always act surprised I am still having cycles, I guess because I checked that I am having some menopausal symptoms on the form. 

I got up and ate a light snack.  My headache is not a migraine, it's more persistent and deeper, if that makes sense.  Ugh. 

Ron is complaining because I don't want to watch a movie with him.  So much for empathy. 

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