Friday, January 6, 2017

The courier

I got up and watched a little TV this morning, I hadn't yet taken my shower or did my God Time.  Around 9 AM Ron gets the bright idea to hire a courier to hand-deliver our monthly check to the admins of our program. 

It sounded like a good idea, instead of going somewhere to mail it and hoping it gets delivered (November's check never arrived), or going somewhere special to have it shipped, we could have a nice person come to the door and get it. 

Ron found a service using his phone and called them for a pickup.  They would arrive in 1-2 hours.  Crap.  That didn't give me enough time to take my shower and do my God Time.  I would have to wait. 

Wait I did, watching Supernatural reruns until I heard a knock on the door two hours later.  I exited the house, holding the envelope, pulling the door tightly closed behind me. 

Happily the freezing rain had stopped.  I felt bad about "summoning" someone to come to my house in that kind of weather, anyway. 

I explained I had a cat.  He told me he had 3.  I do, too!  We discussed cats for a little bit and he left.  I have to admit I had a covetous thought, wishing I had a compassionate man who bottle fed orphaned kittens.  I was certain he was NEVER verbally abusive. 

I sighed and went back in the house.  Ron began yelling at me because I didn't get a receipt.  I tried to explain, when I worked for an accounting firm, we used couriers and we never got receipts.  I don't believe that's how it's done.  Ron didn't let me explain, instead shouting at me for a while and making a big production out of "forgiving" me. 

He called the courier company and said he didn't get a receipt.  They asked for my email, which he gave them.  He talked to them a while longer and hung up. 

I was in the shower by now.  When I got out Ron had pretty much passed out (from drinking) and I did my God Time without any trouble. 

I watched a little more Supernatural, the one where Sam gets killed and Dean makes the deal to get him back. 

I tried to take a nap.  Torbie lay at my feet, on the "warm" heated mattress pad.  I was almost asleep when I heard a chainsaw. 

Now, today the weather has been in the 30's, occasional rain, and gusty.  Why would someone pick today to do yardwork when it's going to be nice (70's) next week, I don't know.  It went on and off, on and off, and I finally gave up and got up. 

Then it stopped.  I guess he got cold. 

I tried to go back to bed.  It wasn't happening. 

I finally got up again. 

Ron woke up and began raving about the courier again.  He had me check my email (nothing) and called the company.  Apparently the company didn't have the answers Ron was looking for.  He called our supervisor and was sent to voicemail.  He tried to call the receptionist but she couldn't recall if a courier had come, or not (he was a very tall man, and memorable). 

Ron worked himself into quite a state, saying next time I didn't get a receipt he would "beat" me, etc.  He called our boss again.  He decided to call paratransit and make a trip to go Monday (the deadline), just in case.  While he was on the line the boss called him back and said she got it. 

Ron hung up and continued raving at me, making more drinks, etc.  Finally he calmed down - I could hear him talking himself down - and went in his room. 

Thank God.  The woman got the check, before the deadline!   Let it go, and let's file the online report!  I don't dare mention it today. 

I never told Ron much about the courier, other than the fact it was a man, and he was white.  But I had thought to myself, a guy who talked to me about stimulating little baby kitten bowels is not a criminal, or a thief. 

This is where someone lectures me about being gullible and naïve.  I'm probably guilty of that, but I just couldn't see this guy failing to do the job.  And he DID the job. 

He wasn't a bad guy.  Now, according to Ron, I'm the bad guy, and I guess I have to "eat" that.  If I argue with him he will escalate.  He's still calling me a stupid bitch from the back room. 

[sigh] And I wanted pizza tonight.  I don't know that I want to bring another person into my drama (you are not in it, just watching), or our horrible weather.  The heater has been running pretty much nonstop all day. 

I think I'll wait a while. 

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