Sunday, January 1, 2017

This Would Not Happen Again

Ron spent the whole day drunk, except for eating an expired sandwich we brought home from work.  I hope it doesn't bite back. 

I went to bed early.  After all, I was sick for 2 weeks.  I didn't sleep well during that time and I figure I need to recharge.  And what's a day off without a "lie in"? 

Ron woke me up a little before midnight.  He wanted us to go outside and listen to the neighbors set off fireworks.  I told him I was tired, naked, and not interested.  He accused me of "punishing" him for refusing to take me to Walmart.  I rolled over and went back to sleep. 

We could hear the noise fine, inside the house.  I don't know why he wanted to go outside.  We never do that. 

I got up late, for me, 8-9 AM.  I took my shower, did my God Time, etc.  Ron was already drinking. 

He was pretty belligerent and verbally abusive.  I finally decided to take "Mike" to and from Walmart.  Mike's a cab driver, he has a very nice vehicle, good driver, very nice man. 

He came pretty quick.  I shopped at Walmart for about half an hour.  I don't know if I told this story, but when I was sick, one night I decided to have tuna + mayo for dinner.  I got the (manual) can opener and popped the lid.  I tried to turn the opener around the top of the can to open it, but it wouldn't work.  The cats smelled the tuna and went nuts. 

I had a hellacious time brute-forcing the can opener to open the can of tuna, and resolved This Would Not Happen Again. 

So, I got an electric can opener, a manual with a warranty, and a bargain brand manual can opener.  Then I went to the cat litter. 

I bought 80 pounds.  It made for heavy pushing with my cart.  I didn't have much room, considering I already had the can openers and the cat litter.  I didn't buy cat treats.  They are fat enough, and that's something Ron can get if he brings me to Walmart. 

Ron called asking for gumbo.  I told him no.  I rethought it and bought him some anyway, but I won't buy him anything other than food. 

I didn't get much else, some drink mix, some Soft Scrub for the tub, etc.  I bought some chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies.  My (adoptive) Mom used to make them around the holidays.  They are really good.  They have oatmeal, sugar, peanut butter, butter, and cocoa.  That's it.  Delicious. 

I got a box for Mike, they were a big hit with him.  He was trying to open the box at a red light!  [grin]  Good, glad I could make him happy.  He's a nice man. 

I paid and left the store, calling Mike.  He came fast.  I was tremendously worried about getting left at the store, but I wasn't.  Thank God. 

I will look into Amazon Prime Now.  I am a member and they do home delivery.  I've never really investigated but it's worth considering. 

We came home and Mike helped me unload.  I made sure I got at least one of the 40-pound cat litter boxes.  "How long will this last you?" Mike asked. 

"About a month and a half." 

Mike ate a couple cookies in our driveway and left for his family dinner. 

I went in the house, girding myself, and found a very drunk Ron.  I put the stuff away.  Ron didn't even realize I was home for hours.  He kept texting me with things he wanted me to buy him. 

I took a nap (after eating some cookies), and Ron heard me cough a few hours later.  He called my name and I answered, reluctantly.  I told him I was taking a nap. 

That worked until 4 or so.  Torbie joined me so I had a nice little "spoon buddy". 

I got up and did some laundry.  It took me forever to lint-roll and pretreat Ron's clothing.  Somehow, he got gum on a pant leg.  It must have gotten on the wheelchair and then transferred to his clothing.  I treated it with stain remover.  Hopefully it will clear. 

The washer's going right now.  When it's done I need to do a "clean washer" cycle.  The repairman told me to do it every 6 loads or so - the manual says if I don't do that many loads, to just do it once a month.  So I'll do that. 

Ron didn't make any trips for tomorrow, most likely he will be spending it drunk in bed.  It is really sad to see what alcohol has done to him. 

The other day, the other vendor and I were discussing Ron.  "He's a lot more hostile these days" the man said.  I said something about head injuries and no filter, but he's right.  Ron is a lot more negative and hostile. 

And that's not him.  I saw that when Ron was in rehab.  Ron was a much sweeter and more positive person. 

It's sad to watch.  I have to wonder how this will end.  Will Ron drink himself into liver failure?  Commit a violent act while having a blackout?  Fall and hurt himself, for good, during a blackout?  I don't know.  Only God does. 

On the plus side the cats are good, so I can say that. 


Anonymous said...

Sending you much love

Anonymous said...

It was good that you got out for a few minutes...we all need a change from everyday routine, and you need the uplifting moments it brings. Keeping you in my prayers. It is so sad that Ron is literally wasting away day by day, by his own hands. You are wise, it is in God's hands, and it's Ron's choice. Hugs and prayers to you in the New Year.

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