Sunday, January 29, 2017

Two hours

The party lasted pretty late and I tried to fall asleep.  However, the cats were wound up and kept running in and out of the cat door, making a lot of noise. 

"So that's why you're up at 3:15" Ron told me this morning.  Yeah.  If it isn't one child it's a furchild. 

I woke up at 7 AM.  It was my understanding the ride would come at 9 AM.  We were going to Carl's Junior to get a breakfast burger (well, I was).  I hit the snooze a couple times, Biscuit was in the bed with me, and I was very comfortable. 

I finally got up around 7:45 and took my shower.  I turned on the fan in the bathroom so I don't get any mold and I did my God Time.  I figured Ron would wake up in the middle of it and I could "pause" it for later. 

But Ron never woke up.  I finished and debated calling the transit company.  It was 9:08 and I needed to know when our ride would arrive. 

Ron woke up about then and told me the ride was coming at 9:56.  Not only that, it would be the same driver taking us home.  Very, very, seldom does the driver wait for us. 

I watched some Law and Order reruns and checked the mail.  Ron's wireless headphones arrived.  He breaks them on a regular basis.  Normally they come with a transmitter but the company started selling "just" the headphone as well.  They are made by Jellycomb and Ron has nothing but good things to say about them.  Ron got so excited playing with them we almost missed our ride! 

We had a straight (!) trip to the restaurant.  If we bought the driver something we couldn't talk about it, so I'll end it there.  I got my delicious breakfast burger: ketchup on a bun, a layer of tater tots, hamburger patty, egg patty, cheese, and bacon.  Good bacon, at that.  I'm still full 5 hours after eating it. 

The cashier misunderstood me and rang my order as a combo, so I got tater tots.  Ron and I split them.  Ron got into his trail mix (a spicy kind) last night and binged on nuts.  He wasn't hungry at all, and looked kind of bloated.  He was happy to bring me, though. 

Ron and I discussed "Tater" as a cat name and agreed it would be cute.  I just hope Tater doesn't show up at our door any time soon! 

After we finished we went out to the waiting vehicle and got reloaded.  We had another pickup, and we were early, so we had to wait about 20 minutes outside a church near our home.  The guy finally came out, Ron asked him about the sermon and the man shared it had been a Pakistani who converted to Christianity.  Those are always good stories. 

We went home.  I was a little worried about taking my medication at a distance, so to speak, from eating my food, but figured I was still full and would be fine.  I took everything, all at once (I can do that) and took a nap. 

I was pretty tired from last night, between the party and the cats I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep.  I slept 2 hours and that's apparently all I needed.  I was surprised. 

However, #2 is doing some repair work next door, and got noisier after I got up, so I might as well stay up.  I was also worried about being able to fall asleep tonight if I went back to sleep this afternoon. 

Torbie got in the bed right as I was leaving.  Now, Torbie will put anyone to sleep.  She has a soft and melodious snore that's very soothing, plus she's so plump, cute, and soft.  It's hard - SHE'S hard, to resist.  I got up anyway. 

Biscuit was innocently sleeping on the cat condo, not at all the furry demon running in and out the cat door.  I know it was him, though.  I wonder what had him so worked up? 

I plan to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon and go to bed early.  God willing, everyone will be quiet and I'll fall asleep around 7.  I have to get up around 4 tomorrow. 

Ron and I already planned out our day tomorrow, we have to do that in advance or we won't get any rides.  So, that's all done.  Hopefully I will formulate something fun to do. 

At any rate, I'm all caught up on the laundry (as much as I ever am), so I don't have to worry about Ron looking shabby tomorrow.  I know I get judged if he looks bad. 

When I'm depressed, I don't care. 

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