Thursday, January 12, 2017

BBQ Trip

I have to admit, I was going to ditch you tonight, but the kids in #6 were sent out to enjoy our lovely (it really is beautiful) weather.  Childish screams and shouts, ball kicking, I am NOT going to bed early tonight. 

Which is a shame because I need to get up at 2 AM tomorrow. 

My day, I got up at 4, did my God Time and shower, ate, took my pills, fed Biscuit, etc.  Ron and I went to the warehouse and bought a couple cases of water.  I also got some Heath bars because I'm pretty sure I'm out.  Ron said he was craving a peanut butter treat, so I bought him a case of Reese's Big Cup.  I will make sure to transfer custody to him because that could be dangerous for me. 

He enjoyed the Big Cup, horrified at the food cost, and swore we'd never sell them.  Nope, we won't. 
We had the same driver to go home; the guy who dropped us, picked us up, too.  That actually happened twice today. 

I offered him a Big Cup, only to be told he had a peanut allergy.  Ooops. 

We went home and got a nap (because we have to get up at 2 AM tomorrow, I can tell you again if you'd like :p ).  We got up and I finished my God Time. 

We had a trip to go to our favorite BBQ place, the one that's "far away" and very close to the place where Ron had his rehab.  The driver kept coughing. 

We asked her what was wrong and she said she had bronchitis.  She couldn't say 5 words without coughing.  I asked her what she was taking "Nothing, but I was taking some Delsym".  I suggested she take Mucinex DM because that will break up the congestion and stop the coughing.  She kind of blew me off. 

Great.  What kind of cooties?  Of course she got out, put the hands she had been coughing into, onto the wheelchair, and pushed it towards me.  Then I had to put my hands on the handles, where hers had just been, and push Ron into the building. 

I asked Ron for some Olive Leaf, and took it.  I am a fan of it for preventive measures.  I ate my French Toast.  Ron ordered some ribs "to go" but got into the box while he waited on his #81 breakfast sandwich.  He loved the ribs. 

It's good to see him enjoying his food. 

We came home, same driver, same worries about "catching it".  God, please don't let me catch it.  Or Ron. 

As far as I know Ron did very little drinking today.  Good.  His poor liver needs a break. 

We came home, it was still pretty early, maybe 4.  I watched a little TV and got ready to go to bed when I heard the kids playing.  They seem quiet now so I will head off to bed and at least get 7 hours of sleep instead of the 8 or 9 I had hoped for. 

I decided "While I'm awake, I might as well turn on the computer and do my blog" and here I am. 

Tomorrow should be interesting.  We will be mailing all the medical bills now that the money is officially in Ron's account. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I hate when people are coughing at work nd dont wear masks or use hand sanitizer. I carry wipes and sanitizer but am so happy now here most our store entry ways offer santizing wipes for carts.

Like you know her cough is anything she says wh are drivers allowed to drive coughing while transporting people at all with out a mask and sanitizer
Huge hugs stay well guard your sleep ! 2 am oyyyyy!

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